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Internet sensation Nenobia Washington, aka BKTIDALWAVE, reportedly passed away Oct. 31. The self-proclaimed “Queen of Brooklyn” was first reported missing before her death was later confirmed by a family friend early Sunday morning.

Washington consistently took the internet by storm with her animated, bold personality and New York City pride. Whether it be in viral videos announcing Lil Kim as the queen of rap on the streets of New York or singing Doja Cat’s song “Cyber Sex” on Instagram live, Washington used her humor to build a large following on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Some have even credited her with helping amplify artists like Doja Cat because she sang the lyrics so often.

Twitter user @4everkandi tweeted: “bktidalwave was up there with Nene and New York for twitter meme icons. You immediately knew her when you saw her.” 

Washington often spoke o topics including music, culture, relationship and sex in her Instagram lives, making her a relatable source of humor for many social media users around the world. For many, she was someone to confide in, as she regularly interacted with her fans. She wasn’t as formal as your cool auntie and wasn’t as relaxed as your fun, older cousin. While she sang and laughed, she would also use a slew of curse words if necessary. 

“The consistent laughter and smiles Nenobia gave everyone on this app and most likely outside of it. She represented such a care free personality that a lot of us could only dream to have,” said Twitter user @Iblamekurt. 

According to Washington’s Instagram, she leaves behind children. Some of the “Queen of Brooklyn’s” best moments can be found on @bktidalreacts on Twitter.

Essence Wiley is a sophomore Journalism major, Spanish minor at Howard University, in Washington, DC. After my matriculation at Howard, I hope to pursue fashion journalism at a major publication. I am fascinated by fashion through a cultural lens. I love to study how culture, specifically that of black people, impacts the entire world whether it’s through fashion, music, hair, or other aesthetics. In the short term, I'm actively contributing to campus media outlets in hopes of building a strong portfolio and landing internships at major publications.
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