Howard Alumna Halle Deneen on Being a Go-Getter with Confidence

Halle Deneen is a Howard University Alumna doing big things as a Dorothy Combs model and TV host! Dorothy Combs Models is one of the most respected and recognized boutique plus model management companies in the world! Halle is a successful model, modeling for high-end companies such as Ashley Stewart and Lala Anthony’s collection. Deneen hosts “To Be A Model” classes in which she coaches attendees the ins and outs of modeling. She has been on the red carpet for the NAACP Image Awards hosting alongside Terrence J. Recently, you may have seen her hosting the Wearable Art Gala with honorees Beyoncé and Gloria Carter! Halle is also CEO of the "#1 provider of luxurious, virgin hair, HDLUX," according to their Instagram.

Kayla: Who are your inspirations for modeling, hosting or just being an all-around public figure?

Halle: Honestly, I am my own inspiration. I mean this in the humblest way. When I was younger, I would always look up to other women, but I found that I truly inspire myself. I didn’t receive any handouts from anyone. The woman who I dream of becoming is what motivates me. SHE is my biggest inspiration.

Kayla: What are the key things you teach in your "To Be A Model" class?

Halle: My “To Be A Model” classes explore just what it takes to be a model. I teach women how they can get into the modeling industry and the tools they need to become successful! This includes the different types of modeling, how to find out about casting calls, and I even provide runway coaching!

The one thing that I want each and every one of my attendees to leave with is the importance of self-love and confidence!

Kayla: Being a plus size model, do you face any struggles with the modeling world? How were you able to build confidence?

Halle: When I first started modeling I faced many obstacles, and some of these obstacles still exist today. I was told that I was too fat to be a model. It was very hard for me to get my foot in the door because of my size. It was so depressing to know that I had what it took to be a model but didn’t have the opportunity or visibility from brands. I had to make my own lane. I had to make it work for ME.

Another challenge that I think is still very relevant is the lack of diversity. A lot of brands lack representation in size and the inclusion of black plus size models. It’s disheartening. As far as confidence, it didn’t come overnight for me. It took awhile for me to stop comparing myself to others and to recognize the true beauty within myself. Self-love is a journey. We are perfectly imperfect! For all of the women who struggle with confidence, begin by doing things that make YOU happy, telling yourself how amazing you are, and BELIEVING in yourself. We live in a day and age where social media is so prevalent. Social media can be so detrimental because we constantly see other people who “seem” to be doing better than us. We see these people with designer on, money, nice cars, houses, and we begin to put them on a pedestal. It alters our confidence because we begin to believe that in order to be “poppin” and fit in, we need to have followers, likes, and materialistic items. Understand that you are worthy and amazing just as you are.

Kayla: How has Howard University made you the person you are today?

Halle: Howard has a way of making us go-getters. Howard has a way of making us not take no for an answer and to go above and beyond to get things done. Howard taught me how to work smart & efficient! When I first came to Howard I was this shy girl who was so afraid to break out of my shell! Howard gave me the confidence to voice myself, network with people, and to never stop dreaming. Howard made me fearless!

Kayla: What can we look forward to for Halle Deneen in 2018?  

Halle: 2018 will be an amazing year, I’m claiming it! You can look forward to more blessings & more of me blessing others.


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