How To Survive At Home During A Pandemic


Let’s be honest, even though everyone has an idea of how high the stakes are regarding COVID-19,  we are still forced to stay indoors and everyone is not adjusting as easily.

From the growing fears and anxieties about the virus itself to the never-ending cycle of eating, sleeping, and even relaxing in the same place, social distancing can get old-fast.


We are a few weeks in and you’re probably realizing that you've already binged Love is Blind for the third time and listened to the latest albums on repeat, the lack of variety can have your mind craving for more options. 


Luckily, Her Campus is here to grant you a list of things, to switch your routine around when surviving a pandemic from home. 



One of the best things to do while in quarantine is to keep consistent communication, this is the perfect moment to reconnect with people in your life. Communication is key when feeling fear/anxiety for your sake and others. Although we have to communicate from the comforts of our homes with outlets like Facetime or Zoom, communication has become much easier to satisfy. If Facetime gets old, consider sending a card or even reaching out to friends and family by a simple text message. 


To Play:

Another great outlet to keep your mind activated and occupied is entertainment. You can always start a new series on Netflix or Hulu but consider a few more entertainment availabilities. Consider grabbing a board game and playing with your immediate family in your homes or even starting a game tournament on Game Pigeon with friends. Finally, consider coloring, there are several online printables on Pinterest. 


To Gain:

Create new outlets to learn and grow during this time at home. Consider taking an online course to gain a new skill, there are many outlets for this, such as Skillshare and Youtube. Begin setting up a budget and financial goals for yourself in preparation for the rest of the year. Finally, read a book. Even if you can't visit your local bookstore, try downloading an EBook or using Audible. 



Take this time to organize your home/space. Consider the tasks that you often avoid because you're too busy and take this time to tackle them. From revamping your closet to the kitchen, use this time to make a change in your home for the better. 



Utilize this time to boost your physical health. Many of us use our busy schedules to limit physical activity, so take this time to build a routine. Consider starting meal prep for yourself and family, to stimulate conscious eating in your homes. Begin an at-home workout routine or even start yoga to help with stress and relaxation. Finally, give yourself an at-home spa, take the time to give yourself a facial or relaxing bath.