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How to Save Your Hair this Winter


    Well, it’s about that time where the air gets colder and your hair care routine gets a little bolder. Winter is notorious for its harsh, cold temps and lack of moisture, which is why it can be detrimental to natural hair. With the decrease in temperature and increase in wind,  you have to take good care of your hair despite the changes in the weather around you. Even though wearing your natural hair may seem like a challenge during the winter time, it doesn’t have to be. Maintaining healthy hair is all about creating a regime that works for you and your schedule. How you style and wear your hair is subjective. Nonetheless, health is at its core. Here are some ways you can take care of your hair this winter.



1. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

Keeping your hair moisturized this season is one of the most important aspects of taking care of your hair. Using oils and creams are beneficial to your hair, but it’s also important to know the order of applying each. Oil acts as a sealant, so don’t rely on it to moisturize your hair by itself. With that being said, use your personal choice of cream on your hair first before applying oil.   

2. Protective styles                                                                  

There are so many different protective styles around and each one is easy to maintain and caters to each individual. Find the style that works best for you (braids, wigs, etc.), and remember that low manipulation on the hair is one of the best promoters of hair growth. 



3. Deep conditioning

Given the cold temperatures and lack of moisture in the air, deep conditioning your hair is extremely important. A deep conditioner protects your hair from the elements and maintains the healthy hair you had prior to winter. 

4. Trim your ends

Now this step isn’t exclusive to hair care during the winter, but it is something you should do routinely. Trimming your ends on a regular basis not only promotes new hair growth, but it also improves the health of your hair as you’re cutting off the thin ends.

    Winter is a great time to be out and enjoy the snow, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the health of your hair for the sake of enjoying the season. When in doubt, remember to keep your crown moisturized you can never go wrong with coconut oil. Also protect your hair as much as possible by wearing scarves, hats, and head wraps. Natural hair is more than a way of wearing your hair, every coil and curl makes you who you are. The cold doesn’t have to keep you in the house all winter, just keep these tips in mind next time you head out this winter season and your hair will be healthy and happy.


Simone Nixon is a junior biology major, chemistry minor from Maryland. She enjoys telling the stories of the world around her and hearing the stories of others. She plans to pursue a career in the dental field.
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