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Blue light glasses have changed my life. I was first introduced to blue light glasses when my friend mentioned them to me during my senior year of high school. My senior year of high school was mostly online, so obviously, that meant a lot of screen time. Unfortunately, I was the type of person who couldn’t deal with a lot of screen time– my eyes would get tired, my head would hurt, and overall, I couldn’t handle the many hours I had to look at a screen. So that’s why I was glad when my friend told me there was such thing as blue light glasses. Blue-light-blocking glasses have specially crafted lenses that are said to block or filter out the blue light given off from digital screens. The lenses protect your eyes from glare and can help reduce potential damage to your retina from prolonged exposure to blue light.

Learning this new information, I rushed to the store to get myself some! I purchased mine from Target, but I know that they are available in many other places online. Once I started using these glasses, my headaches significantly reduced and my eyes felt less tired. I’ve been using this method since 2020 in order to protect my eyes. Another benefit is that these will look super cute on your face! If you are having the same complications that I was having with digital screens, try blue light glasses. There are definitely some affordable options out there.

I currently use them for my college classes, and I’m grateful that I have them. One caution, though, is that some blue light glasses have yellow tint lenses. Be wary of this if it’s something that’s important to you! In conclusion, blue light glasses are my recommendation for online pandemic learning. I know I will continue using them through my first-year online college experience. Join me if you’d like!

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Annie Givhan

Howard '25

Hello! My name is Annie and I am a First year student at Howard University.
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