Homecoming Survival Guide

Homecoming season is finally here! As you might know, Howard’s homecoming is not like any other homecoming. It is filled with pop outs, famous alumni and celebrities popping in, and maxed out bank accounts! However, don’t worry, here are some pro-tips to help you navigate this action packed week.


1. School first. Get all of your homework done the week before homecoming week. Ask your professors ahead of time what might be due during soon so that you can get ahead in class. This will save you from having to sacrifice having fun with your friends for an assignment that you could have turned in last week.


2. Stay hydrated. It is IMPERATIVE that you keep a water bottle on you. Whether it may be the Yardfest, tailgate, or off-campus parties, you are bound to get tired from having fun outside and it is easy to forget to take care of yourself.


3. Network. Outside of the parties, football game, and wilding out, many valuable alumni travel from all across the world to return to the Mecca. Homecoming is the prime opportunity to network with people who might have your dream career.


4. Pop out, but don’t pop the bank. Howard University students are known for serving the best looks on the Yard and we refuse to hand edges back after we have snatched them! However, this does not mean you have to spend all of your coins for homecoming. Be open to getting thrifty and creative in the closet. You can reinvent a previously worn look and switch up the accessories and create something that no one has seen before! In addition, plan your outfits carefully. If you plan to be outside all day, high heels might not be the best option if you are not used to wearing them all day.


5. Be aware of your surroundings. Remember the phrase “stranger danger”? The Howard Homecoming crowd is not limited to current students and alumni, but people from anywhere and everywhere love to join in on the fun as well. With that being said, be very mindful about who you give your personal information to. In addition, refrain from traveling alone and share your location with trusted friends.


6. Don’t turn your first, into your last. Homecoming season is going to be a time for many first experiences. Let’s be real: college students will party. Parties might (will) have alcohol and other substances. If you are not familiar with how these might affect you, this is not be the time to go buck wild. For that reason, it is important to be well informed on how your body may react. If you just so happen to get involved with alcohol during this week remember to eat a full meal before consuming, pace yourself, and keep water on hand.