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“Hella Perspective” Recap

For 8 weeks, the world has anticipated Sunday nights for none other than: Issa Rae’s Insecure. The season 2 finale, last Sunday, left us all SHOOK to the core, teeming with questions, and perusing through every possible scenario for the premiere of season 3. I am no exception to that crowd. In fact, I’ve composed a few scenarios for the return of season 3.

But first, here’s a quick recap of the season finale:

Lawrence finally started a new chapter in his life by moving into his new place.

Aparna completely dipped on Lawrence after he projected his insecurities onto her because of suspicions of her chatting it up a little too much with a male friend.

Issa has officially said “good riddance” to the Dunes and now she’s moving in with her brother.

Tiffany is pregnant!?!?!! Yikes.

Molly gets cozied up next to Quentin frequently to chop it up about work & the micro-aggressions running rampant throughout the office and things get HEATED! But, she ends up letting Dro back into her “hoetation” (disappointed, but not surprised).

Issa & Lawrence reconcile their differences in the place where it all started & it all ended: The Dunes. 

And finally…. Issa has run back to Daniel. AGAIN.

Now that you’re all refreshed, prepare yourself for thought-provoking season 3 scenarios. Alright, so boom:

The finale ended with Issa showing up at Daniel’s house with an overnight bag after having that oh-so heartfelt talk with Lawrence. But, where do we go from here? I’ll tell you straight like this: Issa is going to end up moving in with Daniel.

Lawrence has had his time to jump from girl to girl, in hopes of moving on. Now, it’s Issa’s time to try to move on. She has come to terms with the break up, at last, by allowing herself to fully feel her emotions towards the whole ordeal. On the flipside, Lawrence used sex and rushing into semi-serious flings as a coping mechanism, which has now backfired.

It’s apparent that he hasn’t completely moved on from her because he waited in the empty apartment in hopes that he would be able to speak to her one last time. It should also be noted that during their goodbye, someone had a vivid dream sequence about the two’s future together. In a typical day dream, the end of the sequence reveals who is having the vision. In this particular case, Lawrence was the face we saw once the dream sequence came to a close. Interesting, right?

If Lawrence was the day dreamer then he is, without a doubt, going to break things off with Aparna just to weasel his way back into Issa’s heart. Especially since she was the first to say “I love you” during their discussion. By saying those three words, Issa reopened a door she thought was being closed and now she will have to confront her lingering feelings for Lawrence while trying to build something new with Daniel.

The next scenario is centered on Issa’s “all-put-together” friend, Tiffany. Her perfect relationship with Derek has revealed to be not-so perfect through the finale. In the past, Tiffany has accidentally and vaguely disclosed, to her girl friends, an indiscretion between the couple that caused Derek to have to move out.

We aren’t introduced to anything else negative regarding their relationship, until Lawrence tells his boys about his uneasy feelings towards Aparna and her male friend. Which then cues Derek to divulge information about Tiffany’s too friendly co-worker named Fred. Though this can be taken lightly, it’s a heavy piece of the puzzle that alludes to a possible infidelity and can be connected directly to Tiffany’s hazy, accidental confession.

The imperfections continue to unfold when Tiffany finally tells her girls about her pregnancy. Unlike her usual over the top, boastful demeanor, she reveals the news of the couple’s’ new addition with an uncharacteristically muted tone. Why? Here’s why: she cheated, and is still cheating on Derek, now she’s pregnant with someone else’s child.

To follow up this claim, I want you to think back to when everyone was watching Due North. According to Derek, Tiffany is attending a viewing of the show over at Issa’s house. We all know that’s a lie because Molly, Kelli, and Issa get a text from Tiffany saying that she “won’t be able to make it”. It’s not hard to come to the conclusion that she’s occupying someone else’s time but, who could it be? Season 3 will surely bring everything to light once everyone begins to see through her perfect facade.

Molly. Molly. Molly. Back to Dro?! After he made her feel completely used, she’s allowed him to slide back into her life which is all fine and dandy because he’s in an open relationship, right? Absolutely not.

Hear me out, if Dro is in an open relationship, then why was Candice acting so strange and standoffish towards Molly. It’s almost as if there is no open relationship between Candice and Dro but, she suspects something’s up between the two. On top of that, after Dro and Molly’s rendezvous in the bathroom, he tells her to stay behind and not follow him out. Hella disrespectful and hella shady! If he and his wife are as open has he says, then why does he have to hide anything?

And now, we play to waiting game to see who’s relationship will get the messiest in season 3. My bets are on Tiffany and Derek, with Candice and Dro as a close second. But, like any season of Insecure you never know what Issa Rae has up her sleeve to keep her viewers on their toes. I’m sure we’re in for QUITE a treat next summer!

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