Go Pink!

According to breastcancer.org in the year 2015 alone about 292,130 cases of breast cancer are expected to be diagnosed. Breast Cancer is one of the largest causes of death in American women. Unfortunately, the cause of breast cancer is still unknown. Breast Cancer tends to be most prevalent in women 45 or older. While we are not sure why it happens, we do now know ways that women are able to decrease their risk. Since, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month we’d like you to go pink and read about these ways to decrease your risk.

Eat Green & Exercise. As a woman it is important to participate in regular exercise and eat a healthy diet. It is important to get a healthy balance of fruits and vegetables on your plate every day. While, “healthy living” might not seem easy if you’re just starting off you just have to remember to take it slow. Like anything else it’s a process. Each week try a new meal or exercise. Get your friends to join. So, take a jog up the hill, go to yoga at The Monument, or visit Burr Gymnasium on campus.

Decrease Alcohol Consumption. Research has repeatedly shown that drinking alcoholic beverages can increase a women’s risk of breast cancer. There are plenty of fun things to do around campus NOT including alcohol. It is important to remember that if you do drink, please do so in moderation.

Perform Breast Self-Exams (BSE). Women should begin breast self-examinations as soon as they reach adulthood. Self-exams are a tool that allow for early detection, which can allow for more successful treatment. BSEs in combination with annual physical exams by a doctor are recommended by many institutions. Attached is a link with 5 simple steps to completing a BSE: http://www.breastcancer.org/symptoms/testing/types/self_exam/bse_steps

From Her Campus Howard we would like to extend our support for all Breast Cancer research and for all those who are currently fighting the battle.