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To Go Braless or Not to Go Braless?

Around spring time, Howard students are known for letting loose, relaxing more, and enjoying the end of the semester. However, the students aren’t the only things that let loose in the spring. Spring time also means that the fabulous and fine women of Howard University let it all hang out by letting the girls loose as well, making bras a thing of the past until the fall.

Here are a few quick insightful tips to help you master the decision to go braless or not to go braless.

1. Walking a lot across campus and the girls are weighing you down, you may want to pick up that bra, sis. Your back will thank you later.

2. Want to wear a bra, but it doesn’t really go with the aesthetic that you are going for? Try a bralette. It’s cute and lightweight.  

3. We all have that nice, cute shirt that fits just right until we take off our bra. Sometimes the girls aren’t just going to sit up, you may need that bra.

4. For backless and strapless shirts and dresses, toss the bra. There is nothing I despise more than a nice off the shoulder top with purple bra straps throwing off the outfit. If you are in desperate need of a slight lift, try a bandeau, clear bra straps, or an adhesive bra.

5. Sundress type of day? Go braless, girl. Be free.

6. If you have any gym classes or an intense workout planned, grab that bra and don’t look back. There is nothing worse than boobs just flopping and flying everywhere when you are trying to get fit.

7. If your classes are cold and your nipples always seem to want to come out and play, leave the bra and grab a sweater.

8. Wearing a bandeau? No bra is required. Let it all hang out.

9. Presentation day in class? Pick up the bra, honey. Let them focus on the knowledge coming out your mouth and not the boobs falling out of your shirt. Save it for First Friday.

10. If the shirt you have chosen to wear is a tad bit too small and there’s a possibility that you could have an infamous Janet Jackson nip slip. Please, I beg of you, put the bra on. It will save you the traumatic experience.

Hopefully, these tips make your decision a little easier this upcoming semester and remember that bras are not mandatory but they are a present help in your time of need. Be blessed, fellow Bison.

Laura Cameron is currently a junior at Howard University where she majors in Journalism and minors in Photography. Ms. Cameron is originally from Atlanta, GA; however, after she graduates from Howard University, Laura plans to go into editorial writing in order to combine her love for writing and photography in the Big Apple. She has high aspirations to one day start her own publication and author a few fiction novels. Laura Cameron currently has her own blog entitled Black in the City Blog and her photography company that was started in high school called Laura C. Photography. Laura believes that will hard work and determination anything is possible. 
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