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Get Ready, Get Set, Go! Getting Ready for the New Semester

Hey sis, I know it’s almost time for classes to start again and before you work yourself up into a frenzy, breathe. Now breathe again… keep going. You’re okay, remember that you’ve  got this, queen! Along with every new school year comes a new set of pressures and anxiety which can stem from different people and/or things, but mostly from yourself. Remember, you’re the one in control and yes, you ARE in control.  You have been going to school since you were around six years old and nothing has changed. Yes, while the school may be different with a bit harder curriculum (or a lot harder, let’s be real), but you know how to get through it. Still breathing, right? Great. If breathing isn’t enough there are small, yet important things you can do to help prepare yourself for the upcoming school year while also preventing stress. 

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You can get the supplies you’ll need early; don’t wait until the last minute to go school supply shopping. This avoids one less breakdown in the middle of Walmart. Also, when buying things early, you don’t have to stick to only supplies. Start getting those dorm room essentials you want or need now. Get some decorations too, so you can make your dorm room feel more  like home. Get some new clothes, because you know that same top from middle school isn’t going to cut it. You may also want to start stocking up on food items because let’s be real, you and I both know that cafeteria food isn’t always the best thing ever. We cannot have Soul Food Thursday every day. Now that you have gone on this shopping hull and found some great things, keep everything in places where they’ll be easy to find. 


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Organization is key!  Instead of throwing your stuff everywhere, organize it in a way you’ll  be able to find everything when you need it. This avoids the panic attack you have when you can’t find a paper clip or a stapler when trying to keep that one professor’s too big syllabus together.  Whether you’re still at home or already on campus organizing your items will help make your life seem more stable. Personally, I always feel much calmer in a room that is really organized, it’s just so satisfying and calming.  You’ve bought your items and organized them, but do you even know where you’re going? What does campus even look like?


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Hopefully, you have toured Howard before arriving on campus  or at least looked at the online map. If you haven’t, get on that!  Another way to prepare instead of freaking out is to look at your schedule ahead of time and know where your dorm and classes are located.  Of course make sure your schedule is correct first. There is a possibility that it has changed without Howard notifying you (inserts frog and tea-cup emoji here).  If you’re already on campus take a walk on one of these sunny days to get better acclimated. First impressions are always important and you do not want to be the student arriving 20 minutes late because you went to Locke Hall instead of the SOC building.  Plan a route to help you get to classes and your dorm as efficiently as possible; it might be nice out, but you do not want to stay in the sun for too long.


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So, you’ve taken some deep breaths to calm down, gotten ready and shopped for  some well-needed items (and some stuff you’ll most likely never touch again) and you’ve organized everything to your liking.  You’ve gotten your classes set and you’ve located your dorm room. You have created a plan of action to get to where you need to go, now go!  Like I said, you’re in control and you’ve got this. You’ve executed some crucial steps to help avoid some of the possible stress and anxiety that comes with the beginning of a new school year.  Keep breathing and stay focused. I know you’ll ace this semester, good luck!

Country girl in the big city! Originally from Southern Maryland; I am Political Science major, History minor at Howard University. Also, a Content Writer for Her Campus Howard University, the Vice President of the Ida B. Wells Society, and content writer for The Liberato.
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