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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Howard chapter.

By: Simone Nixon

Ladies, Flo Milli has done it again and is bringing the party to the roaring 20’s – the 2020’s, that is! With the release of her upbeat and black girl magic filled video for her latest single, “Roaring 20’s”, Flo Milli is without a doubt leaving her mark on rap. At only 21 years old, the Alabama rapper is ready, willing, and able to bring the heat with her music and overall career. With a flow that is unlike any other and style that is impeccable, Flo Milli is up next and ready to take over the music world.  


    Adorned with glittering jewels, feather boas, and shining, laid finger waves, Flo Milli rocked the runway. In the video, she epitomizes the original Betty Boop with her dance lines and 20’s style vaudeville act. Sampling “If I Were A Rich Man”, Flo shows up and shows out on “Roaring 20’s”, talking about her rich tendencies and boss girl energy. The 1920’s aesthetic was brought to life in the 2020’s, making us all miss the days we could go outside pre-COVID. Regardless, Flo Milli delivered the 20’s, Great Gatsby-esque party of our dreams like she should. 


    After gaining popularity from her freestyle Beef FloMix, Tik Tok, Instagram, and the entire world learned about the voice behind the viral song. Receiving 46 million streams on Spotify, Flo Milli was well on her way to stardom. Since performing at Rolling Loud Los Angeles in December 2019, the up and coming artist has been in the eyes of many including, R&B singer Kehlani and many more. 


    As an artist, performer, and overall overnight success, Flo Milli is ready to step into her spotlight, especially with the release of her latest music video. While the roaring 20’s so far may be a little different compared to roaring 20’s of the past, Flo has brought the party inside as fans are transported to a Great Gatsby themed extravaganza. Needless to say, black girl magic was in full effect in Flo Milli’s “Roaring 20’s” video and her career, without a doubt, will be as well.

Jamiya Kirkland is a senior Biology major, Sociology and Afro-American studies minor from PG County, MD