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A new season is in effect. Fall brings you cool weather,  sweaters and humidity. However, the most important thing to think about is our skin. Once the air becomes dry, our skin likes to have these problems: dryness, eczema, itchiness, etc. There is no perfect routine to stop this permanently, however, I do have some tips to avoid this issue during this lovely season:

  • Thicker moisturizer: During the summer, it’s best to use an oil-free, lightweight product for your skin. Time to switch to something with hydration and rich moisture. Remember to apply during the morning and night. If you really need more moisture, add some face oil to the moisturizer.

  • Exfoliate: Exfoliate gently to minimize the dark spots and to keep your skin smooth.

  • Change your cleanser: Keep your face clean everyday. Be mindful, the face wash you use may strip your skin of moisture. You could switch to gel cleansers or moisture balms. Add a face mask twice a week, mud or clay, to reduce the size of your pores.

  • Toner: Avoid alcohol-based toners because those will make your skin dry. Use something that is calming and soothing after cleansing your face.

  • Get a humidifier: As we get cozy, your skin may get dry. Start looking for a humidifier before you wake up with cracked and chapped skin. Use essential oils such as lavender, vanilla or jasmine.

  • DRINK YOUR WATER!!!: Anytime you change your products, your skin will have to get use to them. If it’s not working, use them for 2 weeks to decide if they are not.


My name is Samaria Colbert. I am a 4th year Computer Science major and Graphic Design minor from Cincinnati, Ohio. I attend Howard University and will be writing for my school chapter. With my major, I intend to go into UX and UI design.  I want to open my own graphic design business and create more jobs for black women in my field. I want to be my own boss.
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