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Everything You Need to Know About the OTR II Tour and More!

Uh oh Uh oh Uh oh oh no no! Beyoncé & Jay-Z’s On The Run Tour II is ending! The tour was a success to say the least. It hit a total of 10 countries and 36 cities! Beyoncé and Jay-Z took the world by storm with their new joint album Everything is Love. If you didn’t get a chance to let your inner queen show and join the Bey Hive on this legendary tour here is a quick recap of everything you missed.


Opening Act: Chloe x Halle

Source: Saint Heron

This dynamic sister duo, Chloe x Halle, are two new fresh faces that are taking the world by storm! This dynamic duo was discovered by Beyoncé about 4 years ago and are taking the world by storm as they are signed to the singer’s label, Parkwood Entertainment. Their debut album The Kids Are Alright is available on all streaming services and includes “Warrior” from A Wrinkle in Time and “Grown” from Grownish.


Beyoncé did not hold back on talking about “Becky” with the good hair!


VIDEO: https://twitter.com/_ocky/status/1044132719049945089


That’s right ladies and gents Beyoncé let it rip on how unattractive and basic “Becky” is at her Los Angeles show in Rose Stadium. Although we all know no one can compare to Queen Bey, she had to let Becky know again. Just for good measure.


The Costumes Were to Die For


Photo Credit: Raven Varona


Photo Credit: Andrew White


Photo Credit: Raven Varona


Source: Beyoncé


The dynamic duo made more than one statement during the OTR II tour! From the all-black to all-white it was hard to keep up with all of that glam! The all-white dress by worn by Beyoncé was a LaQuan Smith, the oversized bomber jacket with boots to match are Gucci, and the all-black dress was Givenchy. And of course, Jay-Z never disappoints!


Jay-Z Gets A Little Action on Stage

It’s no secret that the Carters are more in love than ever and aren’t afraid to let the world know it! Beyoncé surely had no problem showing her man a little love on stage and it’s safe to say Jay-Z had no complaints.

VIDEO: https://www.instagram.com/p/BjugmquF5If/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link



Two Notable Celebs Who Are A Part of The Beyhive

There are two specific Beyhive members that were caught living their best lives with Bey and Jay, and their names are Michelle and Barack Obama.


Twitter Source: @BeyLegion 

Michelle chilling with Mama Tina!


Spotted: A happy Obama jamming as hard as any kid would in the presence of the king and queen of the music industry!

VIDEO: https://twitter.com/mikaylaabstract/status/1023594863349125120


As we all know, all good things must come to an end. And this great thing is surely ending. We can all cross our fingers… and toes if you’re another unlucky one like me who unfortunately hasn’t made it to any concerts. Hopefully this isn’t the final tour for the powerful, Bonnie and Clyde duo!


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