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Thrifting has quickly become everyone’s favorite pastime. From looking for that vintage look to buying furniture. Here are a few tips to help you with your thrifting journey. It can be a great way to give your closet some revitalization or create a fun outfit challenge with your friends. Here a few do’s and don’ts for the thrift store! 

DO: go with goals. With a very wide variety of inventory, you will easily leave with fifty dollars worth of clothes and a vintage lamp that you don’t need. So, I suggest making goals for what you want out of the store along with your spending limit. When you are really into it, spice it up and go in with a ten-dollar bill and see how much you can get. 

DON’T: go unless you’re in the mood to look. Thrifting is not for the weak. Even the most organized thrift stores have a lot of variation in their products, so it may take a bit to look for what you want. This is why you shouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself. I find thrifting best when I’m just listening to music and searching through aisles. Head empty, cart full. 

DO: go to physical thrift stores. typically, online sites like Depop or Thred-Up are marked up. I would also suggest that for the best deals on essentials like basic t-shirts and jeans, that you go to smaller thrift stores and avoid chains. Often times chains, like Goodwill, have set prices. So, where basic jeans may only be 3 dollars at a smaller thrift store, at a store with set prices, they will be more expensive. However, when it comes to rare finds, its best to buy those items at a store with set prices. Due to the popularity of thrifting, stores are more likely to charge a lot more for things like Nike windbreakers. 

DON’T: buy things you don’t really need. I know things are really cheap, but please do not go in there and buy five winter coats that you don’t need. Someone may need what you don’t and it doesn’t do anyone any good when you buy too much. And if you can afford to buy a necessity new, buy it new. 

DO try on and inspect the clothes. Looks can be deceiving and sometimes what you think will fit you, does not give what you thought it gave once you get home. Also triple check to make sure there aren’t any questionable stains on the item. Get your phone flashlight out if you have to! 

Now that you are equipped with a few tips, go thrift! I hope that your experience is magical.

Omari Foote is a freshman journalism major at Howard University, from Atlanta Georgia. She is a contributing writer for Her Campus and aspires to write for a major magazine post-graduation. Her goal is to help in lifting the voices of marginalized groups of people. In her free time, she enjoys getting dressed up and exploring with friends, writing poetry, and community service.
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