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Dorm Recipes: An Alternative to Cafeteria Food

 Life is hard enough being a college student. When it comes down to deciding what to eat while on a budget, it shouldn’t be that hard, especially since eating in the cafe has gotten old. Here are a few meal ideas to help make your decision much easier. Besides, Chinese food and pizza aren’t cheap.


French Toast
You’ll need:
·      1 egg
·      Ground cinnamon
·      Butter
·      2 slices of bread
·      Syrup
First, crack the egg into a bowl and add cinnamon. Mix the bowl with a fork until the yoke is completely dissolved and the mixture is a light yellow color. Add the butter to the skillet, and spread it throughout. Set the burner to medium heat. Drop one slice of bread into the egg mixture, and then flip it to the other side. Only let it soak for a few seconds, and then place it onto the skillet. After about 3 minutes, check the bottom. When golden brow, flip the slice and cook it for another 3 minutes. Serve with butter or syrup. Put powered sugar or fruit over it for an extra hint of delight.

Gourmet Turkey Burger
You’ll need:
·      Ground Turkey
·      Sandwich Bun
·      Italian Dressing
·      Mozzarella Cheese
·      Chopped up Spinach
Take a hand full of ground turkey and place it in a bowl. Pour about a tablespoon of Italian dressing into the bowl along with a tablespoon of chopped spinach and mozzarella cheese. Mix the ingredients in the bowl well. Turn stove on medium high and cook for 5 to 7 minutes. Flip to the other side and repeat. For a better quality, served on a toasted bun and add your favorite toppings and condiments.


Chicken Quesadillas
You’ll need:
·      Chicken breast strips
·      Tortilla shells
·      Mexican Cheese
·      Salsa
·      Sour Cream
Place stove to medium high heat and cook chicken. When fully cooked, place chicken on a plate. Turn heat down to medium and place a tortilla shell in the skillet. Put desired amount of chicken and cheese onto the tortilla shell and heat until cheese is melted. Fold the tortilla shell in half and enjoy with a side of salsa and sour cream. This also goes well with rice or tortilla chips.

Yogurt Parfait

You’ll need:
·      Plain Yogurt
·      Your favorite fruits
·      Granola or nuts
Place fruit at the bottom of a bowl or cup. Put yogurt on top of the fruit. Put another layer of fruit on top of the yogurt and top with granola.

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