Crime Shows/Movies to Binge on Netflix

Like a lot of people during quarantine, Netflix and other streaming services have become my best friend, which I am a little embarrassed to say. But, a majority of the shows I’ve watched and have been watching are not apart of the usual Netflix variety such as Orange Is the New Black or Lucifer, all of them have had to do with either murder or unsolved crimes, also different crime shows, fiction and non-fiction. I can officially call myself a crime enthusiast, and with being a crime enthusiast it is my duty to share my finds with other people.

So here is a list of carefully picked shows and movies that any of my fellow crime enthusiasts will enjoy from least favorite to most. 


  1. 1. Nurses Who Kill

    It’s chilling to think that the people who are supposed to help us get healthy when we are sick are capable of murdering the same people they help. This series is based on multiple stories of nurses, male or female, who killed their patients with different means, many of which happened to be found in the hospitals they worked in. One of the more shocking stories was that of Genene Jones who seems to save children close to death after attempting to kill them hours before. I have to say this is one of the more chilling series that I’ve watched.


  2. 2. Dexter

    Now Dexter happens to be very comedic in nature which is a little bizarre for a serial killer who has an obsession with blood. Imagine a forensic blood splatter expert who loves to kill, ironic isn’t it. While this show seems to be just about Dexter’s murders it really is quite interesting, the fact that there is a personal development of Dexter throughout the series as he either almost gets caught or explores his emotions. If you’re looking for a comedy and crime show bundle this definitely one that needs to be checked out.

  3. 3. NCIS

    I consider NCIS to be one of the top crime shows that everyone needs to watch. Jethro Gibbs is a character that will grow on everyone with his snarky comments and serious demeanor. The NCIS team makes investigating crime seem like a regular 9-5 job. Ducky was a character that helped me discover the field of Forensic Pathology. Another amazing aspect of the show is that it not only has 17 seasons but has different state spin-offs, so you’ll never be bored.

  4. 4. Evil Genius

    This is one crime that’ll leave you shaking. The series starts with clips of a man with a bomb on his neck, but that is not the only crazy part of the case. The series will leave you wanting to hear more of the case at the end of each episode. It is crazy that one person will go so far to achieve their own personal goals by discarding the people who care for them. 


  5. 5. Abducted in Plain Sight

    It’s chilling to think that the neighbors who live next to you could possibly be someone who changes your family life forever. In the movie, a girl is abducted by a neighbor that the parents trusted and even welcomed into their home and community. This movie could trigger an emotional response for certain people, so I would be careful when watching it. A lesson learned from the movie is that sometimes people who seem to be helping you might want to harm you.

  6. 6. Criminal Minds

    Criminal Minds HAD to be included on the list because I know a lot of people watch it. It was my favorite series for a while. The show draws in its viewers with the disturbing but addictive cases that the team solves and the way they solve them. The characters make the show special because of the character’s flaws and traits they all have. One of my favorite characters is the boy genius, Spencer. Criminal Minds should be added to your list if it hasn’t already.

  7. 7. Unsolved Mysteries

    If you like to solve mysteries, this is a show for you. Not only does the series show murder mysteries, but it also has a paranormal aspect to it. Unsolved Mysteries is a series that makes you think and go to places you would never expect.  One aspect of the show I like is that each incidence is not biased like other crime shows, so it allows you to come to your own conclusion.


  8. 8. I Am A Killer

    This is a chilling show that documents convicted murderers’ own recollection and sides of the cases that got them to put into prisons. Some claim that they are innocent, while others give their reasonings for committing the crime. What makes the show even better is the commentary of the officers and family members in real-time of the testimonies of the convicted. To hear the murders in detail from the horse’s mouth creates a show that keeps you hooked.

  9. 9. Murderous Affairs

    Who doesn’t love to see what happens when love can make people do crazy things. The show is a compilation of stories of couples that go too far to get back at their significant others. Many of the cases contain cheating between the couples which leads to the murder or attempted murder of the cheaters. I love this show because it allows you to follow along and create your own scenario and conclusion of the stories.

  10. 10. Forensic Files

    Forensic Files holds a special place in my heart as one of the very first crime shows that got me interested in the field of forensics, it happens to be my favorite. This show has cases that vary from murders to kidnappings to poisonings. The testimonies of the officers and witnesses/suspects make listening to the reenactments even more interesting. The series is really for people who have an interest in forensics and want to see the in-depth details of trials.

Honorable Mentions: Hannibal, Sherlock, Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes, and Father Brown.