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Chelsea Kilborn ’14

Name: Chelsea Kilborn
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Classification/Major: Sophomore/English
Birthday: May 14th
Interests: I’m actually really boring. I don’t know…reading, writing, plays, food. I like to cook.
How does it feel to be nominated? It’s cool. I’m really bad at receiving compliments, but this is flattering, thanks.

Top 3 most attractive qualities in a girl: Personality, creativity, and loyalty.

Ideal date: Something interactive. I like to get lost on purpose, so maybe a long walk around the city, maybe dinner at some place we’ve never been.
Celebrity Crush: Zoë Saldaña and Beyoncé.
Pet Peeves: Not too many things annoy me. I don’t like makeup. I mean eyeliner and some eye-shadow is okay but concealer caked on kinda creeps me out a bit. Bad smells, and crumbs in the bed.
Turn-Ons: Passion. Someone that knows what they want in life. Spontaneity, I’m really analytical and well-thought out so someone who’s spontaneous is really cool to me.
Beauty Regimen: I don’t really have one. Noxzema beauty pads, Garnier Fructis leave-in conditioner, does deodorant count?
What you love most about Howard: My peers, I feel like being around such talented young people is amazing. It’s so diverse. I’ve met more interesting people here than I would ever meet anywhere else.
Favorite spot on Campus: During the day? The flagpole. You can see everything that goes on, everyone walking around and talking. But at night there’s this place on the roof outside the Communications building that not too many people know about. You can see all the stars up there.
Favorite album at the moment: Thursday by The Weeknd.
Favorite Quote: Don’t take life so seriously, nobody gets out alive anyway.
Hurricane survival kit: Weed, Beer, Snacks, Cigarettes, Meditation.
Goals for the year: Stay focused, stay positive, stay black!   

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