A Bison’s Guide to Surviving Finals

With the most stressful portion of the fall upon us our Her Campus Finals Survival Kit got to us just before we reached our stress limits. Filled with tons of goodies, the kit has some of the perfect item that any Bison around campus would love to have.

During finals losing your ID is the last thing that you need. No one wants to spend the time or money in the iLab that it takes to replace an ID. That’s why this Vera Bradley Zip ID case was the perfect tool to organize our cash and cards. The case also has a handy key ring to connect it to your room or car keys.

HC sent us another round of BOGO and free entre cards from our favorite restaurant around campus, Chipotle! Pretty much the best thing to hit campus since sliced bread, Chipotle is one of the few substitutes we have for caf food and McDeath. So, when you’re looking for a filling meal on the go treat one of your friends to a burrito, or bring your s.o. to buy a bowl for you.

We also got more from the wonderful people at Vera Bradley. We also, got this adorable (and super warm) throw blanket. This large blanket has a distinctive VB design that we love cuddling up with while reading for class.

Our Survival Kit also came with these Michael Kors 24K Brilliant Gold-Scented Flash Tattoos. These limited edition temporary tattoos are a simple way to add some shine to your dull leggings and hoodie finals ensemble. The scent was long-lasting and made us feel better when we walked into any of the “mysterious” smells on campus. MK Flash Tats are a cute addition to your “I’m done with finals” turn up ensemble.

Howard University Her Campus would like to thank Vera Bradley, Chipotle, and Michael Kors for all of the Finals Survival Kit items. We’re definitely going to have a great time testing everything out!