The Big “G”: Visiting the Gynecologist and Why It’s Absolutely Necessary

The gynecologist is like Santa, often talked about but rarely seen. Women, from young age to late adulthood, are bombarded with images, stories, and jokes about visiting the gynecologist through all forms of media, but their importance is often overlooked. Why?


Women’s health, being such a sensitive area, often has misconceptions: It will hurt; I only need to visit a gynecologist if I’m sexually active; I don’t need to go because I’ve already been tested for STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) and STIs (sexually transmitted infections). In many cases, these misconceptions and broad assumptions are false.


The Center of Disease Control and Prevention reported that in the past year, the spread of STDs and STIs within the United States is at the highest number ever recorded ( ). And while gynecologists can be utilized for any woman who wants to be tested for STDs/STIs, they are essential for much more than answering questions about the concerns that follow sexual activity.


The gynecologist can also give breast and cervical exams for the detection of cancer, provide you with any information you might have about women’s health, teach you what is and isn’t normal down there, and help you to understand your body below the belt!


So, if you’ve been hesitant about taking a trip to see an OBGYN, push fear aside and think about your health! You will thank yourself in the long run.