The Big 3: How Will You Protect Your Hair?

When deciding on which wig or weave to get, there are three main choices: Frontals, closures and sew-ins. Keep reading for tips on how to rock all three and find which style works best for you!



If you want to do hairstyles such as the ones shown above, a frontal is for you. A frontal is an ear to ear hair piece. It is the most realistic looking out of the three methods. To achieve this look, many frontals include baby hairs. Although, they are the most versatile, they are too the most expensive. This is because they are also the most complicated to keep up with. Many beauticians and hair stylists offer frontal maintenance.  




Like a frontal, a closure is also a protective style. However, a closure is smaller in size and it’s dimensions are usually 4x4. You can style your hair with closures, just not as much as you can with a frontal. Closures are easier to handle than frontals, which is a reason why they are cheaper.




The last method is sew-ins. While using the sew-in method, a portion of your hair is left out. Unlike frontals and closures, sew-ins do not fully cover your head. This style is the least protective of the three for this reason: the hair that is left out is unprotected from styling tools, weather and other harsh elements.

Tip: With this method, it is important that your natural hair matches your weave. If the two do not blend, your hair will look a mess.

No matter what method you choose, always remember to keep your natural hair healthy!!