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With 2021 coming to a close a lot sooner than expected, many people have found themselves beginning to contemplate their New Year’s resolutions. Whether it be the same regular resolutions such as trying to lose weight, travel more, or spend more time with family, there is nothing wrong with wanting to better your overall life in the upcoming year. Being the best version of you can bring genuine joy and fulfillment, and with the right dedication and steps taken, it can become a reality. Therefore, here are three easy tips on how you can become the best version of yourself. 

  1. Wake up earlier

Surely, especially in the winter months, it can be hard getting out of bed in the morning. You are just so comfortable and “only want five more minutes”, but it is said that waking up earlier can be better for your overall well being. By waking up earlier than you usually would, you have more time in the day at your disposal to get things done that might not have been able to get done as the hustle and bustle of the day goes on.

  1. Avoid procrastination

I know that this tip is a lot easier said than done, but you really can save yourself a lot of stress and trouble by avoiding procrastination. By completing tasks or assignments as soon as you possibly can, you can make more time for things or activities that you enjoy as opposed to waiting until the last minute and stressing out. Also, by avoiding procrastination, the work you do could be of better quality since you wouldn’t have the pressure of an impending deadline.

  1. Work hard, play hard 

It can be easy getting caught up in the concept of “hustle culture”, but it’s important that self-care is prioritized in your life as well. Take some time out of your schedule to do something that you enjoy, need to do for yourself, or helps you relax. By doing this, you’ll have more energy to get everything you need to get completed done, while also listening to your body and mind and allowing time to decompress.

Balancing the responsibilities that come with being a student, adult, and 20-something can be overwhelming, but with the right work ethic and genuine desire to better yourself, it is possible to be the best version of yourself. So, as you enter into the real world, remember to stay true to yourself, and find the best in all things, including yourself.

Simone Nixon is a junior biology major, chemistry minor from Maryland. She enjoys telling the stories of the world around her and hearing the stories of others. She plans to pursue a career in the healthcare field, while also pursuing her interests in writing and lifestyle.
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