The Art of Saving: How to “Pop Out” on a Budget

Whether it’s just putting together a look for classes or drafting up an outfit for a special event, something that most of us wish we’ve mastered is the art of trying to make our appearances affordable. As students, we’re pinching every penny we can get. Dropping tons of dollars on clothes is not a luxury we all can enjoy. I’ve put together four tips to save you money while still being able to “step out” as you please.



Buy staple pieces and then add your own twist.

   Have you ever heard of the saying “buy what you need, and let the rest be history.” When shopping, make sure to pick out staple pieces like a simple black or white tee, a little black dress, a button down shirt, or any other item that clear up that “my closet is absolutely empty” feeling. Shopping this way makes sure that you have what you need to create the basics of an outfit, or what I like to call “the base”. After that, layer on with accessories! Statement necklaces, bulky earrings, colorful scarves, and decorative belts can be the icing on the cake for your outfit. Yet, don’t over-do it; less can be more. If you’re not into the extra fluff of accessorizing, taking risks with your outfit and wearing it in a unique way can also spice up your look. Remember to add your own persona to your outfit and let it do the talking for you. 


Let “sale” be your middle name

   Never be afraid of being “that person with a dozen discounts” on hand. There’s nothing embarrassing about saving money, because it doesn’t grow on trees. Websites like retailmenot and Unidays  discounts will be your best friends in college. Don’t be afraid to stay on the sales rack; a lot of cute pieces can come from clearance sections. It’s not about what you wear, it’s about how you wear it. An outfit from Walmart can outweigh a designer fit if you know what you’re doing. Learning the ways of thrifting can also be a huge bonus in saving cash, use it to your own advantage and hit up all of the stores around you. Never let anyone convince you that shopping on a budget is the enemy of looking good!


Switch it up and wear it again

    Don’t try to be the person who wears an outfit once and is done with it for good. There are plenty of ways to wear things again, and make them look better than before. Switch it up with different types of accessories or outfit pieces. You know that t-shirt that was a little too big for your liking two weeks ago? Throw on some thigh high boots, get a bulky belt, and make some magic happen. “Do-it-yourself” videos on YouTube are also big helpers in finding a way to spice up your old clothes. Know that there’s not only one way to wear an outfit.


An outfit is what you make it

   What you wear is simply for your own enjoyment and freedom of self-expression. Don’t find yourself going broke while trying to define your style by those around you. We’re all different, which is why fashion is so versatile today. We all draw inspiration from different environments, personalities, and experiences. A major key in keeping your coins to yourself, is remembering that you don’t have to do spend too much to exhibit who you are.