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Affordable Winter Style

Many collegiettes believe that when the winter season approaches, they are obligated to buy new clothes and spend tons of money. They swipe their credit cards for new boots, sweaters, scarves, etc. But what they should realize, is that there are many ways to stay stylish while saving  money.
You can maintain your style by having a year round wardrobe. Putting tights under those short, flirty dresses or summer shorts and adding a cute pair of pumps and a plain colored scarf can make you look like you just walked off the catwalk!
Blazers are essential year round! Putting a blazer over a dress and adding some leggings and heels gives you that sophisticated  and chic look. Once spring or summer arrives, box up the tights,rock the blazer and dress and show off those legs!

Also, you do not have to buy the expensive winter clothes to look like they just walked out of a magazine. Thrift stores, or low cost super stores like Wal-Mart and Target can provide you with simple attire that you can easily spice up with accessories.
By going to thrift stores, you can find treasures among treasures for such a low cost. A sweater that someone would pay about 50 dollars for,can be found for less than $10, maybe even $5. You can find boots, scarves, handbags, and other accessories like jewelry and hats. Ladies, you can get 5x more products at thrift stores than you can get at any name brand department stores.

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