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It’s been four months since we all first moved to campus. Classes take up the majority of our weekdays, and most of us are still stuck in the house with nothing to do. Even if you tried to go out, most don’t know what all there is to do in the area. Consider this your go-to-guide on what there is to do in the DMV. These ideas can be used as a night out, a birthday party, or even a fun date! Whether you’re going out with friends or your Howard boo, there is an adventure for you. Each activity is ranked by price, location, and experience. From a chill night out to a day full of fun, you can never go wrong with making memories… and all on a college student’s budget! 

  1. Visit Museums – Free 

If you haven’t by now, visiting one of the various FREE Smithsonian museums is always a sight to see. From the African American Museum, the Portrait Gallery, and the Museum of Natural History, there’s always something to fit everyone’s interest. 

  1. Go to the Zoo – Free 

Did you know that the Woodley Park Zoo is also a part of the FREE Smithsonian attractions. The Zoo is located in Woodley Park, which is just 15 minutes from Howard by the red line or drive. 

  1. Night at the Monuments – Free 

By now, you’ve probably visited all the monuments at the National Mall, but have you ever gone at night? This is one of my favorite things to do with my friends, where we can walk around, ride the scooters, or just chill by the steps behind the Lincoln Memorial looking over the Potomac River. Whatever you decide, it’s always good vibes. 

  1. Go on a Hike – Free

Rock Creek Park isn’t what I’d like to call your typical hike, but it is a great way to get out and explore nature. Also located in Woodley Park, the park spans 1,754 acres full of trails, smaller parks, and even a workout course. It’s perfect for a stroll on a beautiful day. 

  1. Visit a Farmer’s Market – Free (subject to purchase) 

Farmer’s markets are not just for buying fruits and vegetables, it’s a great place to get to know and support local businesses. From the Farmer’s Market on 14th & U on Saturdays, Dupont Circle’s FRESHFARM Market on Sundays, or even Eastern Market on Tuesdays – Sundays. You can never go wrong by visiting them all. 

  1. Roller Skating or Ice Skating – $ 

We can all remember a time in our lives when skating brought us so much joy, even when we were falling on our behinds. Especially with it getting colder, it’s a fun indoor activity. The closest roller skating rink is Temple Hills, which you can get to straight on the green line to Naylor Rd. Then, you can ice skate at the Silver Spring Outdoor Rink, which is either 37 minutes by the 70 bus or 43 minutes by the red line to the Silver Spring station. 

  1. Artec House – $

Artec House is an interactive, digital art museum located near L’Enfant Plaza. Different from your typical museum visit, this exhibition is constantly changing with lights and laser effects. Student tickets are only $20 and the visit lasts up to 60 minutes. But be warned, the experience has been known to be psychedelic. 

  1. O Street Museum – $ 

The O Museum is a take on art that many have never seen before. Located in Dupont Circle, the museum comprises over 100 doors leading to various places in the museum. The fun is in uncovering the various hidden mysteries in the museum. There are various tours you can do, but I recommend the Secret Door Experience ($26.50) and the Hidden Gems Hunt ($30). Both allow you to explore the doors freely, but with the Hidden Gems tour, you can also do a scavenger hunt along the way! 

  1. All Fired Up – $

All Fired Up is a paint-your-own pottery studio located in Woodley Park, where you can make and create your own pottery pieces to take home. From mosaics to mugs, they provide all the tools you need to create your masterpiece. Prices are dependent on the piece you decide to create, but paint, aprons, and finishes are all included. 

  1. Swingers or Top Golf – $$

Although golf may not be for everyone, these two places make it enjoyable for everyone. Swingers is a 21+ indoor mini-golf place located in Dupont Circle, ranging from $19-22 depending on peak times. You can easily get to Swingers by catching the red line to Dupont Circle on the metro. Top Golf, on the other hand, is your not-so-typical driving range located in National Harbor, MD. This adventure may be more on the pricier side, as bays can cost up to $52 an hour during peak times, and it is not metro accessible. But both can be fun adventures if you plan accordingly! 

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