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5 Tips to Finish the Semester Off Strong

Ladies, there is officially 5 weeks of the semester left. This means that soon it will be time to gear up for finals, visit your family for Thanksgiving, and do your Christmas shopping. However, it’s vital that these five weeks are strong because who doesn’t want a 4.0. Here are five tips to consider for the next five weeks.

Plan your month

There are probably a lot of projects, exams, and homework coming up because professors are trying to get enough material for grading. At this point, you should know how each professor grades and their leniency. Plan out your assignments so that you remember the due dates and keep in mind the level of attention each one will require so that you aren’t burnt out.

Keep a countdown

A countdown can serve as a helpful reminder to keep going because you’re getting closer and closer to your break. It can also help remind you that finals are getting closer and it’s time to break out those study hacks.

Check in with your friends

Everyone is probably feeling tired right now and that’s okay. By checking in with your friends who are also enrolled in college classes, you’ll be reminded that you’re not alone. You and your friends can also take turns encouraging each other and reminding one another what you are working for, that degree!

Attend office hours

This tip is so crucial. Make sure to attend office hours in these final weeks in order to ensure that you are completely clear on your professor’s expectations. This is also important to do because sometimes, after Thanksgiving, many professors don’t check their email. If you attend office hours, you can ask any questions about upcoming assignments or just check in with your professor.

Take care of yourself

This is the home stretch and it certainly has been a semester full of curve balls. Make sure that you are taking the time to step away from the computer, even amidst heavy work. It’s important that you stay healthy, mentally and physically, so that you can bring your best self to the end of this semester. Write down your goals so that you can always have a reminder of what you’re working for. Drink water, go for a walk, or read a book to de-stress.

This semester truly did fly by and there’s only a little time left! So grab your pumpkin spice latte or your warm hot chocolate and get ready to get your A’s. If you believe you can do it, you will!

Naiima Miller is a sophomore marketing major at Howard University in Washington, D.C. Her love for fashion and beauty helps her to study trends in her culture and on her campus that she hopes to write about for the HerCampus community. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Naiima loves street style, pizza, and Starbucks.
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