5 Things to Remind Yourself When You’re Low

While it is final season and many people are doing exceptionally well, others are currently feeling like they are not where they want to be in life and it may be taking a toll on their mental health. As a student who often goes through a phase of frustration—I thought about the 5 things I always remind myself when I am feeling low in life.


1. You’re worthy of a beautiful life.


We sometimes get stuck in what is wrong with our life, that we forget how many beautiful things happen around us. Remind yourself of something beautiful happening in the mist even when things feel wrong.


2. You have accomplished things, and they are worthy of being praised.


We get so focused on what everybody else has, and what everybody else is doing. You’re working hard and getting things accomplished that are also note-worthy. There is somebody out that your work is inspiring, don’t forget how dedicated you are.


3. You have time.


Stop rushing through life and start enjoying everything around you. Everything will work as long as you stay committed to your dreams and goals but rushing through will only keep you from appreciating how precious life is.


4. You can take a break.


Sometimes it’s okay if you need to time to get things together. Don’t fault yourself for needing to calm, collect, and execute. If you’re under the impression that ignoring your body or your spirits need to be charged, you’re not taking care of yourself, and you’re putting more strain on you than you need to.


5.  You’re going to get through it.


If right now, you’re finding that life is hard—remember the last time that you thought you weren’t going to make it and that things were not going to get better, you made it then. You will make it now. Please stay patient and kind to yourself no matter what.