5 Songs You MUST Know For An HBCU Homecoming

We all know what season it is! That’s right…HOMECOMING SZN! And no one knows how to party at a homecoming like an HBCU (Howard especially). With this time quickly approaching  and parties galore to attend it is essential to know at least these five songs to ensure your survival at an HBCU Homecoming!


O Let’s Do It

Artist: Waka Flocka

This is the number one song you must know! Find the lyrics here


Knuck if you Buck

Artist: Crime Mob ft. Lil Scrappy

You’ll know this song because everyone will be banging their right fist into their left hand before the song even starts. Find the lyrics here.



Artist: Chief Keef

All I have to say is, if you’re not jumping up and down falling on people, you either need to join in or move out of the way.


Before I Let You Go

Artist: Frankie Beverly and MazeThe lights have just come on. Everyone is hot, sweaty, and tired. But before we go, we must do the electric slide to this one! 


Swag Surfin’

Artist: F.L.Y. (Fast Life Yungstaz)

Two arms around two different shoulders. A person in the center directing everyone on which way to start. The sudden increase in speed with the beat drop. Ahhhhh yes, a good Swag Surf!


Of course, there are a few others that will play that you may not know but as long as you're with good people and a killer DJ, you’ll have fun regardless!