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5 (Not so Scary) Halloween Throwbacks to Watch When You Are Feeling Nostalgic

First up on the list, Halloweentown


Halloweentown is a classic Halloween movie. If you are a 2000s baby, you may have already watched the reruns on Disney Channel. If you have not seen this movie… watch it! Marnie, the main character, learns that she is a witch and that she comes from a family of witches. She goes to a town called Halloweentown where supernatural beings roam freely. You can stream Halloweentown on Disney plus. 


Second on the list, Edward Scissorhands


Edward Scissorhands is not necessarily a Halloween movie, but I had to put it on the list because it is a classic. Edward was created by a scientist but the scientist passed away before he could finish Edward. Edward is left with scissors for hands as he navigates his new life. You can stream Edward Scissorhands on Hulu.


Third on the list, Twitches


Twitches (twin witches), played by Tia and Tamera Mowery is a staple Halloween movie. The twins were separated at birth (like most twin shows and movies) but reunited on their 21st birthday. They learn that they are witches and that they have to fight together to save their kingdom from evil. You can stream Twitches on Disney plus.


Fourth on the list, The Haunted Mansion


The Haunted Mansion was probably the scariest growing up. Eddie Murphy plays a real estate agent who brings his family to the mansion. Murphy and his family are then trapped in the mansion because of a big storm. They discover that the house is haunted. I remember watching this movie when I was young, I had to keep the light on as I slept- I was spooked! You can stream The Haunted Mansion on Disney plus. 


Last but certainly not least, Coraline


Coraline is a creepy child’s animation. Coraline moves into a new boring town and in her new home, she discovers a door that leads to an alternate world with people who have buttons for eyes. As a child, Coraline had me spooked! Coraline was released in 2009 as a child’s animation which is questionable because it is so dark and eerie. But nonetheless, Coraline is a great movie. You can stream Coraline on Hulu.  


Be sure to add these five movies to your Halloween movie playlist! They are not very spooky so you can watch these movies with your family. 

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