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5 Must-Haves for D.C. Weather

By: Marie Bobb

Whether you’re a native of D.C or just here for school, I’m sure you’re aware of the wishy-washy weather. One day the sun is shining bright then next thing you know, it’s snowing. Figuring out what to wear to class or what to wear when running errands may be difficult when the weather is so unpredictable.

Here’s what you’ll need to survive D.C. weather and still look cute:

Rain Boots

Although many believe rain boots are solely for rain, they are great for snow as well! Everyone should own at least one pair of shoes that are super cute, but can also withstand treacherous weather; Rain boots are the perfect type of shoe for that. Hunter boots are known for their high-quality and chic yet simple style, but if you’re looking for a cheaper option, rain boots are found at many shoe stores, including Payless and DSW.

Multiple Long Sleeve Shirts

Layers, Layers, Layers! For those of us who get cold easily, having at least 3 long sleeved shirts to put under sweaters and jackets is key. You can even mix and match prints and fabrics for a more fun, fashionable look.

Black Chelsea Boots

We all know the glorious black closed toe chunky heel is a staple that everyone has in their closet, but what about those who rather not wear a heel, but still want to feel stylish? Black Chelsea Boots are the absolute perfect boots for those who want to add a little pep to their step without the added inches (and aching feet).

Dark Wash Jeans

High quality jeans are one of the most important pieces of clothing when it comes to winter fashion. For those who don’t do well in the cold, try a pair of leggings underneath the jeans for extra warmth. Boot-cut and Wide-leg styles work best with boots, specifically Chelsea Boots.

The Classic Black Turtleneck

Want to make any outfit appear more sophisticated and professional? Add a black turtleneck. Not only will this style keep you warm in the harsh D.C. weather, but it will make you look 10x more chic and put together.


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