5 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner. We’re all excited for the costumes, the candy that we’ll buy for ourselves, and the parties of course. Unfortunately, midterm season always happens right before Halloween and we all ended up super busy! This year Howard ladies are especially busy having Halloween being only a few days after Homecoming festivities. Some of us have not even thought about Halloween, never mind a Halloween costume. If you’re in that boat this article is here to help. Here are five easy, cute, last minute Halloween costumes!


1. The Always Classic Animal What you’ll need: A pair of animal ears: cat, cheetah, mouse, etc. and an outfit that goes with it.


Source: Jenny Mahneger


2. Rosie The Riveter What you’ll need: Blue shirt (jean shirt preferred), jeans, red bandana​


Source: @beyonce on Instagram


3. Purge Woman What you’ll need: Oversized white tee shirt, red lipstick or fake blood, fake knife Optional: Mask

Source: Pinterest


4. Devil What you’ll need: Red top, Devil horns Optional: Full Red outfit, Devil tail​


Source: Lexi Jean


5. Wednesday Addams What you’ll need: Black dress, White collared shirt, Tall black socks, Braided Pigtails



Hopefully these ideas helped fuel some creativity. If you pick from this list, don’t forget to share your costumes with us on our Twitter and Instagram!