5 Apps to Change Your College Career: Productivity Edition

In the age of technology, as much as we want to put our phones down and focus on tasks at hands, touching our phones is inevitable! However, what if I told you, you can use your phone to your advantage? How you ask? Productivity apps! While there are so many that I could give you to change your life, we’ll start off with five of the top productivity apps that I believe will change your life.


Momentum– $4.99

If you’ve been wanting to set goals and see results without having to stress about how to track how far you’ve come? Look no further. This app, while it is at a cost, will teach you discipline and consistency. The app allows you to track as many habits as you wish and, each day, you simply check off that you’ve completed the tasks. You even have the option of setting reminders to make sure that you can keep up with your goals and habits. Easy enough? I think so.


Source: Apple iTunes


Forest – Free, but can pay for additional features.

Forest is an app that allows you to plant trees and earn coins for being focused. How does that work? You open the app, set a timer for how long you would like to stay focused, and ta-da— you’re all set. There is also an option to tag friends, gain achievements, and buy additional plants so that your garden is beautiful. The main point of the app is focus however, so if you leave the app, your tree dies!

Source: TechWikies



While I know LinkedIn will be a part of almost everyone’s professional career, why not get started using the app now? It is one of the best networking apps and allows you to share your resume experience with others, meet people in your area of expertise, and even find jobs both in and outside of your local area. If you aren’t moving forward, you’re moving backwards—get this app!


Source: Flat Icon


Sleep Cycle—Free, but can pay for additional features.

This app track your sleep cycle and wakes you up at convenient times so that you’re not aggravated and cranky. How does this work? It uses your phone to detect your sleeping patterns and wakes you up at a certain cycle in your sleep, or when you have stronger movements so that you are not startled out of your sleep. The app also tracks this data and shows you how much your sleeping. My favorite app, I haven't looked at an alarm clock since!


Source: Apple iTunes


Screen-time/Moment—Free with iPhone/Free with additional features.

These two apps are my holy grail and saving grace. I never realized how much time I was spending on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter until these apps went in and began tracking my every move. I was averaging 4-5 hours a day on Instagram alone. These apps track your time, allow you to request downtime for yourself, and even allow you to request content blockers. If you struggle with a social media addiction like I did. Invest immediately. Productivity is your friend, and social media can easily become your enemy!


Source: Consumer Reports