3 Highlights That Light Up the Yard

Get your shine on! Howard Girls are known for their glow both inside and out. Make sure you shine on campus all year round with these three spectacular highlights and bronzers that are sure to have you looking like the melanin queen and glazed donut that you truly are.

1. LUSH - Solid Body Tint

These bronzer and glitter bars are cocoa butter infused and melanin proof, so go crazy & buy both! Oh and go for it, rub it in.

 2.  NYX Bright Idea - Illuminating Sticks

There are some products that you have to walk away from and really meditate on. This is not that product. NYX has done it once again with a wide range of illuminating sticks that match your skin tone flawlessly and will have your highlight blinding your classmates from a mile away.

3.  Anastasia Beverly Hills - Glow Kit

Some products are the holy grail of makeup with a price to match. I have had three glow kits by Anastasia Beverly Hills. This palette is black girl magic certified, so don't be afraid to mix it up and GO BOLD!   Hopefully, these highlights help you shine from the inside-out and to all my bison women remember to be bold, be beautiful, and to shine like the queen you are.