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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Holy Cross chapter.

With just about one week of classes left, followed by a week-and-a-half-long finals period, I can confidently say that I am almost completely burnt out– and most of my friends and peers feel the same. I know, doing schoolwork for over seven months is very exhausting. With the sun coming out more frequently and the temperatures rising, it feels impossible to get myself to go to the library, or even just sit down and do an assignment.

As much as I wish I could tell you some magical secret that solves the feeling of academic burnout, I do not have one. I am writing this as motivation for myself as well as you, to remind myself of the following: you are almost done, you have only about one more assignment in every class, and it’s really not that hard. People have done so much worse and more difficult things than write a few papers instead of sitting outside with friends when it’s nice out. 

My final parting words are: you didn’t come this far to only come this far. You’ve made it all the way until now, so finish strong!

Best of luck with the rest of your semester!

Bridget O'Toole

Holy Cross '26

Hi! I am a sophomore at Holy Cross and am majoring in English and minoring in Architectural Studies. I'm from Long Island, New York, and my favorite things include skiing, reading, yoga, and the beach!