Winter Clothing Must-Haves

Going to school in New England means you’ll have to endure an East Coast winter. Prepare for frigid temperatures, icy treks to classes, and intense snowfalls. Here are a few basic clothing necessities to get you around campus safely and warmly this winter.

  1. 1. Parka

    If you don’t have a heavy-duty parka, you won’t be able to make it more than a few steps outside of your dorm before you contract hypothermia. Yes, I am being a little dramatic -- but it gets seriously cold. You need a parka. The thicker and longer the better!


  2. 2. Snow Boots

    Shoutout to the hard-working men and women who shovel paths for students around campus after a snowstorm!! However, not even hard work and rock salt can keep the Dinand steps from being the most treacherous spot on campus. You’ll need some serious traction to help navigate to and from class, so make sure to invest in some snow boots.

  3. 3. Hat or Earmuffs

    On the worst winter days, you’ll definitely want to cover every inch of your body in as many layers as possible and your ears are no exception! They may mess up your hair, but they also may prevent you from getting a massive headache from practically freezing your ears off. 

  4. 4. Gloves

    Pockets can only help you so much. Make sure to have a super cute and warm pair of gloves to keep your fingers warm. If you’re worried about compromising your ability to scroll through your phone, there are plenty of fashionable pairs of gloves with special touch screen access!

New England winters are no joke! Make sure to prepare and layer up!