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Why Nice Guys Don’t Finish Last

I don’t know what it is with girls- why when looking for the perfect boyfriend we always gravitate towards the guys with the douchey attitude who will never end up calling you even though their smooth talking makes you think otherwise. I mean hey, if you’re into the single ready to mingle, no strings attached, no questions asked then by all means there is a whole world full of guys who will happily take part in this. So, Ra Ra for you single ladies, work your magic!  There is absolutely no judgment or shame there, we’re only in our late teens and early twenties after all, so why not have a bit of fun and make out with that cute kid in the corner of the party?  

BUT, if you’re over the hook up scene and want to find someone to settle down with or just to have something consistent with, you have to meet someone that is looking for the same thing.  I get it, relationships are never really something that you plan but ladies, we’ve got to start taking the hint when we it’s put out and move on! There are plenty of fish in the sea, and if a guy flirts with you at Lietrims, buys you a fireball shot, brings you back to his dorm, and gives you a night to remember that STILL doesn’t mean he is gonna put a ring on it.  A lot of times, guys just think a hook up is just that, a hook up and there is NO fault in that; we’re young, this is the time to have fun.  

However, it does suck when you think that one night is going to turn into endless hours of intense conversations and dinner dates. If it isn’t there, don’t force it- cut the guy loose and maintain girl power! Go out with the girls and take back the night! You will find the right guy when you least expect it. So,  don’t look and don’t try to make something its not. Who knows, you could fall for the nice guy you never expected to be your type!  Keeping an open mind is the most important thing when meeting your guy.  Don’t write anyone off, you never know what could happen. If the player isn’t working out for you, change it up.  Go for the kid that holds the door and pays for the cab, not the one who never calls, never texts, and who looks the other way when you walk by.  

Sometimes love sucks, and we all get our hearts broken at one point or another, but in the end, everyone gets their happy ending. Wait for the person who makes you laugh when you want to cry, the one you trust with everything, the one who brings out the weirdness in you, the one that is your best friend. Sometimes you just have to forget what you feel and instead remember what you deserve- the rest will fall into place.  


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Tess MacKay

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