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Even though the platform was officially released over a decade ago, VSCO is still one of my favorite apps. This photo editor is not only used to touch up your pictures but also acts as an outlet to express yourself through photography since you can post your creations. VSCO’s popularity has definitely wavered a bit, especially in recent years, since the app is by no means new and trending. However, I don’t see myself phasing VSCO out of my life anytime soon, as it acts as a stress-free opportunity to share my positive memories with others.

Unlike other photo-sharing apps such as Instagram, VSCO takes away all the pressure surrounding posting on social media since you don’t feel any sort of need to craft your profile as a whole. For example, you don’t have to brainstorm witty captions because the app doesn’t ask you to have one at all. There’s no need to worry about the number of likes or comments your pictures will get because those actions simply aren’t an option on VSCO. If you have a lot of photos from a fun night out, posting all of them in one sitting is completely normalized. The list goes on, but in my opinion, one of the best VSCO features is that your number of followers is not publicized. Because the number is not public, the initial assumptions surrounding how “cool” or “popular” someone is are erased since it’s a common misconception that follower count correlates with social status. Simply put, VSCO radiates a sense of casualness, which is very refreshing in today’s age of curated social media.

The moral of the story is if you don’t already have VSCO, download it! Whether I am posting pictures of the beach, my friends, or even my dinner plate, I have truly been able to let my personality shine through on my profile, which is why maintaining a longtime interest in the app has been a super healthy choice for me! In addition, the feeling of carefreeness that VSCO provides for its users is truly unlike any other social media experience I have encountered before, which is why I will always stay loyal to VSCO.

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Meredith McDonough

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Meredith is a sophomore from Woburn, MA who enjoys writing, dance and spending time with friends!