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Which Crystals Will Help Improve Your College Life?

This fall is going to be all about manifestation. Grades, social life, and (significant others). There are a few essential crystals that are going to help you achieve these things.


Carnelian will give you confidence! I think we all could use a little bit more confidence, whether it be in our classes, feeling like you’re rocking your party outfit, or even for walking into Kimball when you know that every guy you’ve ever liked is in there.

Rose Quartz

I know rose quartz is always on every crystal list, but being the representative for love, it definitely is a staple for your collection.


Fluorite is good for removing negative energies and stress. You need to remove bad energies and people who bring bad energy into your life. Stress relief at college is super important to get as well. Good vibes only. Fluorite is also the crystal best known to help with creativity and wisdom so always keep one in your back pocket while taking an exam.


Citrine is the stone for success and wealth. For college students, we are looking for personal successes and leading ourselves to prosperity. This crystal also is known to bring good luck.


Clear quartz will amplify the powers of all of these crystals!

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