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What Having a Twin on Campus has been like So Far

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Holy Cross chapter.

It’s April 10, 2022. I’m sitting at my laptop with my mom, ready to place the initial deposit and officially commit to attend Holy Cross for the 2022-2023 academic year. Little do I know, seconds after my commitment, my twin brother would burst into the room and announce that he had finally decided on where to commit for college… Holy Cross. My brother and I never knew we were going to end up at the same college, in fact, we applied to a lot of different schools during the application process. Making sure we went to college together was never one of our top priorities since we have never gone to the same school before. We live pretty individual lives to the extent that sometimes I forget that we are even twins. After years of never being in the same school system together, I was excited to finally experience what it was like to have one of my siblings at the same school as me, let alone the same class. As excited as we were to be attending the same college together, my parents were probably 10x more excited than us. The second we both decided to attend the same college, Holy Cross merchandise flooded into our house. My brother and I eagerly awaited move-in day as we shopped for each of our dorms and helped each other out with various tasks before we both left the house.

Flash forward to move-in day, my house was filled with elation, anxiety, and a little bit of sadness. Nevertheless, my brother and I were excited to start this next chapter of our lives, and have each other to lean on during the process. After about a month of college, our expectations of what college would be like together have definitely shifted. The second my brother and I arrived on campus, we instantly went our separate ways. Although we were excited to be at the same college as each other, we did not want to hold each other back from meeting new people or trying new things. Little did we know, we would barely see each other. Occasionally I’ll see my brother around campus, but with us being on completely different schedules, it sometimes seems impossible to catch up with him or even run into him on campus. Although at times we do meet up for lunch and update each other on our lives, finding time in college to see each other has been more difficult than we expected. Despite the scheduling conflicts, having a built-in best friend attend the same college as you, and always be there, is something I won’t take for granted. I am so thankful to experience the next four years with my twin.

Grace Connelly

Holy Cross '26

Political Science and Psychology major, minoring in Creative Writing at College of the Holy Cross