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What To Do While You’re Bored In An Airport

1. Yell “you have poop on your butt” to people passing by.

2. Start a bomb threat…jk DEFF not.

3. Think of fun things to do in the airport.

4. Eat food, duh.

5. Look at the useless gizmos at Brookstone.

6. Spend your hard earned money on useless gizmos.

7. Make up conversations for the people around you.

8. Imagine the lives of all the people around you.

9. Make friends with the people around you

10. Apply for a job as a flight attendant.

11. Get a free water from Dunkin and feel accomplished for scamming the system.

12. Book a flight to Cabo on your parents’ credit card.

13. Locate a razor scooter and scoot around.

14. Jog up and down the terminal, get a workout in.

15. Do pushups in the middle of the seating area.

16. Join the mile high club ;).

17. Have a fake anxiety attack and scare everyone around you.

18. Make a list of things to do at the airport.

19. Fly somewhere.

20. Make a family tree.

21. Start a Greek dance circle with those around you.

22. Throw some glass plates while you’re at it, OPA!

23. Buy a $12 water bottle.

24. Call your grandma.

25. Draft letters to your loved ones in case your plane crashes.

26. Introduce your pillow pets to other pillow pets.

27. Try to kidnap a small child, blame it on odds-are.

28. Play odds-are.

29. Do your homework…? I don’t know, lame.

30. Memorize your friends’ phone numbers.

31. See how long you can hold your breath.

P.S I’m bored in an airport. That is all.

If there's anything I've mastered in this life, it's a successful hair flip.
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