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Gilmore Girls walking through Fall Festival
Gilmore Girls walking through Fall Festival
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We’re Having a “Rory Gilmore Fall” in 2022

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Holy Cross chapter.

Labor Day weekend has passed, and it is now the first week of September, so hot girl summer is officially over. As sad as I might be, I will not be mourning the loss of this season too harshly, because the end of summer means the beginning of fall, and more specifically a  “Rory Gilmore Fall”. If your TikTok “for you page” is similar to mine, I am sure that you have been seeing this trend everywhere. As a major “Gilmore Girls” fan, I could not have been more excited when I saw this trend, as I have watched the series around 5 times and continue to watch it as my comfort show, especially in the fall. Essentially, this trend is promoting the aesthetic and lifestyle of the main character on the show, Rory Gilmore. Therefore, as a “Gilmore Girls” expert, I thought I would share my take on what this trend means.

In the series, Rory is portrayed as the perfect girl. She is a sweet, academically driven, and wholesome teenage girl who lives with her single mother in a fictional, Connecticut town called Stars Hollow. In this quintessential New England town Rory and her mother live a quaint life surrounded by a tight knit, local community.  In Stars Hollow, Rory and her mom are always embracing the joy out of the little things, whether it is looking at pumpkins in the street or celebrating the first fall of snow. The directors of the show also always take the time to emphasize the beauty of fall in Star Hollow, showing the abundance of autumnal decorations. Not only is the setting of the show aesthetically pleasing for fall, but Rory’s classic style is also a major allure in the trend.  Rory always looks so casually adorable, with some of her character’s staple pieces being converse, jeans, and oversized sweaters. If you want more specific inspiration, you can look at TikTok and Pinterest and find users who have recreated some of Rory’s looks (with examples I have found linked below).

Although I am all for mimicking Rory’s physical aesthetic, this trend does mean a lot more to me.  To have a “Rory Gilmore” fall, I also think it is equally as important to imitate the good nature of Rory’s character. In the show, specifically the first few seasons, Rory’s character really prioritizes herself and those closest to her. As an avid reader and excellent student, Rory enjoys spending time alone, and always wants to better herself intellectually.

While school can be very difficult, I appreciate how Rory enjoys learning, rather than viewing it as a chore. As challenging as it may be, the ability to even attend college is really a huge privilege that we should not take for granted. Furthermore, in regards to her social life, Rory has a small circle of friends, mainly just her mother, her best friend Lane, and her boyfriend Dean, and Rory likes it this way. Rather than chasing social clout, Rory is quite unbothered by the trivial social hierarchy at her expensive private school. Rory would much rather get a cup of coffee with her mother or listen to music with Lane, than go to a party with her pretentious classmates. I think acknowledging this aspect of Rory’s character is pivotal because it is what sets her apart from the average teenager that is so concerned with the opinions of others. Rory has found what is truly important in life and is set in her ways, not caring what others think, a quality I think we should all aspire to have. I personally have found that I enjoy myself a lot more by having a small circle of a few close friends. I truly think that Rory has got it right, because at the end of the day, trying to get everyone to like you is unattainable and will not bring you happiness. So, go get a cup of pumpkin coffee with your close friends, put on a big sweater, pick up a good book, and have yourself a great “Rory Gilmore Fall”.









Spotify playlist if you REALLY want to channel your inner Rory:

Hannah Delea

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Hannah Delea is a current junior at Holy Cross pursuing a degree in political science and a self designed interdisciplinary minor called "business, ethics, and society". She loves all things beauty and fashion, as well as health and fitness, which you can read more about in her articles.