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Valentine’s Day Celebrations for Everyone to Enjoy

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Holy Cross chapter.

Valentine’s Day can be equally enjoyed between couples and singles. There is so much to do with friends or a partner to celebrate the love for each other by spending time together with a break from the stress of reality. A pause in a busy workday to just live in the present moment with each other is something that should be celebrated every day, but Valentine’s day is a great place to an extra special activity planned. The ideas laid out in this article can be activities for anyone, no matter their relationship status, but these are just the ways I categorized it. 

If you happen to be someone in a relationship, there are many fun ways to spend V-day:

1. fondue night

You can either grab a cheap fondue machine that will probably break on the fifth or 10th use from Target, Amazon, or Walmart or you can buy a nice official one, but either will work perfectly well. There are three types of fondue to do: Cheese, chocolate, or normal oil cooking with a variety of meats or vegetables. For Valentine day the classic savory chocolate is the way to go as a fun dessert option. There is a whole list of kinds of chocolate depending on what kind of chocolate you like dipping things into or licking. There is milk chocolate, dark chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, cookies ‘n cream chocolate, or white chocolate. Personally, the morsels or chip form of the chocolate is what is important as the small size allows the heat to reach the surface area quicker; therefore, the chocolate melts faster. I have yet to test it, but I am sure this will also help with preventing the chocolate from burning. While this would make the night hilarious and one to remember, it would also make it unappetizing one. 

2. night out + exploring a new restaurant

Trying out a new place to eat is always fun because you never know if it will become your new go to favorite spot or a funny disaster of a night, but for Valentines day I would suggest checking reviews as well as the food and cocktail list. If this is your dream Valentine’s day plan then it is essential to grab that reservation as fast as possible to make sure you actually get a table, because no one wants to spend their time waiting in a line while their stomach growls. For a romantic evening I recommend looking for Italian, a french bistro, sushi, or any other upscale places. Honestly, if you’re spending time with someone you care about, you could simply do drive through McDonalds and be just as happy to hear that person laugh and tell stories. But, on Valentine’s Day, it is nice to make the quality time together extra special. 

3. a Cooking night

There is something spectacular about listening to music in the background, wine or champagne in your hand, dancing around the kitchen while preparing a delicious meal to spend with someone you care about. If you’re a little chef like Remy from Ratatouille then picking a difficult uncommon menu item to create can be really fun. Some new trends include making your own crispy rice with sashimi and spicy mayo sauce, crab rangoons paired with a fancy salad containing pine nuts with a lemon sauce, a classic pot roast with pureed potatoes, and a chocolate soufflé or creme bruleé for dessert. If you are someone who does not really enjoy cooking or is unable to, but loves to eat like Emile, also a Ratatouille reference, then this is where you pick an easy meal that is very hard to mess up and just as yummy. Some ideas include spicy penne ala vodka, baked feta gnocchi, seared steak with mashed potatoes, a classic oven cooked salmon with lemons and small yukon potatoes, and gooey chocolate chip cookies or brownies for dessert. 

Playlist for Valentines with a special someone:

  • For Tonight, by Giveon (currently my favorite song right now)
  • Moonlight, by Dylan Hartigan (will seriously be my wedding song)
  • Yellow Lights, by Harry Hudson
  • dancing in the Kitchen, by LANY
  • Renee’s Song, by Bazzi
  • Carolina in My Mind, by James Taylor
  • Dandelions, by Ruth B
  • The movies, by Nightly
  • One Man Band, by Old Dominion
  • Money, Fame, and Fortune, by The Goo Goo Dolls
  • ILYSB, by LANY
  • We Were Young, by Petit Biscuit and JP Cooper
  • Feelings, by Lauv
  • Val!um, by MASN
  • So Good, Dove Cameron
  • Easy, by Camilla Cabello
  • Dna [demo], by LANY
  • This is how you fall in love, by chelsea cutler and Jeremy Zucker
  • I Got 3, by Jack Gray
  • If we never met, by John K
  • Favorite T-Shirt, by Jake Scott
  • Purple Candy, by New Friends
  • Closer, by MADE IN LA
  • Beautiful Soul, by Jesse McCartney
  • Electric Love, by BORNs


  • La Vie en rose, by Louis Armstrong or Edith Piaf (whichever is preferred)
  • Fly me to the Moon, by 
  • Can’t Take My Eyes off You, by Frankie Valli
  • You Make Me Feel so Young, by Frank Sinatra
  • Put Your Head On my Shoulder, by Paul Anka

Activities for a Valentine’s day with some of your best mates:

1. wine-tasting

This can be shared with many people so grab a few friends or a lot and have everyone bring their favorite bottle to share and enjoy. You can predetermine if you want to do white, red, or rosé, or you could even start out with white or rosé then move to red. It is delicous to do this tasting with a charcuterie board for dinner and then place candles and a tablecloth to make it more elegant or themed with the day. Another way to do it is to buy a wine tasting kit online, prices range, and then really make it a friendly competition on who gets closest to the correct answers.

2. movie night

For one Galentine’s day my roommate and I grabbed a store bought cake from Whole Foods and made some cocktails as we watched the “Valentine’s Day” movie, you know the one where Taylor swift and Taylor Lautner are dating so they are known as “Taylor and Taylor”. It is also the movie where all women are infuriated as the beloved actor from Grey’s Anatomy is a big cheater and Jennifer Garner has the best moment of letting him know how much he sucks, which I will not spoil by telling you in detail. Other movies that are good for this include: 10 things I hate about you, The Notebook, Crazy Stupid Love, how to lose a guy in 10 days, One Day, a walk to remember, and the Princess Bride. Now if you’re more in the mood for movies that are not focused around tragedy and full on romance, there are also plenty of rom-coms to enjoy such as Always be my Maybe, The Proposal, Crazy Rich Asians, and, of course, The Bridget Jones Diary trilogy. Then for those who have no interest in only a tiny bit of romance, there is Mean Girls, Easy A, Ocean’s 8, Mrs. Congeniality, Pitch Perfect, The Sleepover, John Tucker Must Die,  and Girls Trip. 

3. dance party

Yes, I mean full blasting music in any room. Seriously ANY room such as a dorm room, kitchen, or basement, and dancing on any elevated surfaces (with caution of course). I don’t know about some of you, but I love creating a girls playlist with friends as we sing (or more like screech) our little hearts out to the lyrics. This can be so much more fun with only your close friends, without sweaty bodies, without risking getting a drink spilled on your new favorite shirt (depending on whether you or your friends are clumsy or how the night is going) or accidentally getting slapped in the face from a nearby dancing enthusiast (again, depending on whether you or your friends are clumsy or how the night is going). This is also where one can let their freak flag fly by showing off the moves that they would not want to share in the company of random people (this point is especially for me that can not dance no matter how much I wish I could, but sadly this doesn’t stop me from making a fool of myself at any party with nearby witnesses).

Playlist for Valentines day with friends:

  • Style, by Taylor Swift
  • Solo Dance, by Martin Jensen
  • Dress, by taylor Swift
  • Womanizer, by Brittany Spears
  • Part of me, by Katy Perry
  • Who says, by Selena Gomez
  • Candy, by Machine gun Kelly
  • Sk8er Boi, by Avril Levigne
  • Plastic Hearts, by Miley Cyrus
  • When I Kissed the Teacher, by cast of Mamma Mia 2
  • Dancing on my Own, by Robyn
  • Last Friday Night, by Katy Perry
  • Super Bass, by Nicki Minaj
  • Pocketful of Sunshine, by Natsaha Budingfield
  • Ridin Solo, by Jason Derulo
  • Don’t Stop the Music, by Rihanna
  • Just A Dream, by Nelly
  • London Boy, by Taylor Swift
  • Don’t Call me, by Brando
  • Obsessed, by Mariah Carey
  • Don’t Call me Up, by Mabel
  • Die For a Man, by Bebe Rexha and LilUzi Vert
  • Party in the USA, by Miley Cyrus
  • Right Round, by Flo Rida
  • Tik Tok, by Kesha
  • Cooler Than Me, by Mike Posner
  • Poker Face, by Lady Gaga
  • Good Girls Go Bad, by Cobra Starship and Leighton Meester
  • Just Dance, by lady Gaga
  • Die Young, by Kesha
  • And of course the classic Mr. Brightside by the Killers

Now, this may be a hard day for some so for those in their feels here is a list for you. Having a nice therapeutic session singing out loud by yourself, if you chose, or with friends, I suggest being with friends, is great because everyone should be able to express themselves if they are upset – it is okay to not be okay. This is one of the best ways to do this. All the activities written above are also so fun to do and options to spend your time on Valentines day. 

  • Nobody’s Home, by Mallrat and Basenji (great one)
  • Crying Over You, by The Band CAMINO and Chelsea Cutler
  • Keep me up All Night, by Charlotte Sands
  • I only go south, by Yoste 
  • Ghost, by Justin Bieber
  • Walking Away, by Chelsea Cutler
  • U love u, by Blackbear and tate McRae
  • Tonsillitis, by Michael Aldag
  • Dancing With Your Ghost, by Sasha Alex Sloan 
  • Don’t Wanna Be your Friend, by ayokay and Katie Pearlman
  • Damaged, by Danity Kane
  • Dream About you, by Charlotte Sands
  • Down & Out, by Landon Cube
  • Upside Down, by nothing,nowhere.
  • Would it be ok, by AFSHEEN and Angel Taylor
  • Always Been You, by Jessie Murph
  • Jasper Avenue, by CaRter
  • Poison, by Rita Ora
  • Without You, by Chelsea Cutler
  • Who Do you Think you are?, by the Band Camino
  • Another Life, by Surf Mesa, FLETCHER, and Josh Golden
  • Dumb Love, by Mimi Webb
  • Steal My Clothes, by Kito and Bea Miller
  • Enchanted, by Taylor Swift
  • Sayonara, by Aries
  • See Through, by the band CAMINO
  • Sometimes, by DallasK and Nicky Romero 
  • 1 last Cigarette, by the band CAMINO
  • Cigarette, by Julian Lamadrid
  • Heavy, by MOD SUN and Blackbear
  • Overthinking, by Mickey Valen and MOTHICA
  • Quit, by lil aaron and Travis Barker
  • Bye Bye, by Gryffin and Ivy Adara
  • Feel Like Your Mine, by CVBZ
  • Hope is A Hearthe, by LÉON
Colette Offermann

Holy Cross '23

Colette is currently pursuing an English major and minoring in Studio Art and Social Ethics and Business at Holy Cross. On her free days she loves to paint abstract works, try out new recipes, play tennis, go to wine tastings, and experience new activities within her community such as new restaurants and boutiques.