The Ultimate Holy Cross Senior Year Bucket List

With three full years at the College of the Holy Cross under our belts and only one left to be completed, we, the seniors at Her Campus Holy Cross, are feeling nostalgic about our time on the Hill coming to an end. As a result, we polled the senior grade to find out what their HC Senior Year Bucket List looks like and what is still left to accomplish.

Sheila R. — Visit the Exorcism Room, wherever that is.

Gabby F. — Survive a day drinking event without falling asleep in the afternoon…definitely a work in progress.

Sam H. — Suffocate Cam in his sleep and then bring him back to life, so I can explain to him that I saved his life. To say this is an interesting goal is an understatement.

Cassie N. — Take a photo with Father Boroughs, and I just accomplished it!

Micaela B. — Take a class unrelated to both my major and the common area requirements. Basically, take a class on something I’m really passionate about just for the fun of it.

James D. — Bring a cool professor to a party. Definitely my number one.

Lillie R. — Attend Spiritual Exercises!

Claire G. — Go on a date to Kimball where the boy swipes you in… goals right there.

Natalie C. — Attend Spiritual Exercises and all the MSO cultural events in the spring since I’ve already gone to all of the ones in the fall thus far. Also, go to a Boston Red Sox’s game, and visit every restaurant in Worcester at least once— yes, that’s a lot left to do.

Andrew C. — Go up into the Clock Tower.

Emily K. — Just to pass all my classes. LOL.

Deanna D. and Becca D. — We both still have Sunday brunch at Miss Woo’s to check off!