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Top Ten Trends Taking Over Campus This Fall

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Holy Cross chapter.

With the start of the semester, the girlies of Holy Cross have seen many different styles on
campus. That is one of my personal favorite things about our college and its positive culture:
everyone can freely showcase their individual styles. However, there are a few looks that have
dominated the majority of outfits on campus so far this year. With the input of some fellow
Crusader ladies, I’ve rounded up the top ten fashion trends taking over the hill this fall.

Ultimately the most common look on campus this year has been stripes. We’ve seen striped tanks
and striped baby tees, but above all, striped sweaters have dominated as the fall chill has set in.
The “coastal granddaughter” look has definitely made its way inland, right into the closets of the
ladies of Mount St. James.

The “it girl” slipper that’s been all over your For You page, yes, that one. So far at Holy Cross
this year, the versatile Ugg Tasman Slipper has been paired with everything from flare leggings
to jeans to sweatpants.

Vejas Campo Leather Sneakers have been seen trekking up staircases all over campus this fall.
This year’s go-to sneaker, the stylish Vejas can dress up any outfit, usually color complementary
to an ensemble in the shades of black, navy blue, light blue, and baby pink.

Ok, I am a little biased here, having been a fan of Hokas for years. The Hoka craze has reached
the hill, with Bondi 8s in various bright colors supporting Crusaders on their daily climbs across

Rounding out the footwear fads, On Cloud Sneakers have also become a go-to everyday
sneaker/hot girl walk shoe at Holy Cross. On Clouds are famous for their support and are mostly
seen paired with leggings or sweatpants for a casual look.

Flares, flares, flares. Flare leggings have made a huge comeback, and can be seen everywhere
you look on campus: walking to class, staying in for movie night, and dressing up an outfit for a
cold tailgate. The most popular pair is the iconic Aerie Crossover Flares.

Another style taking the school by storm is seamless tops. Comfy, flattering, and the perfect
basic, seamless shirts, whether tanks, tees, or long sleeves, have been seen with jeans, leggings,
sweats, and any other pants you can imagine. My personal favorite is the Sonia Seamless Long
Sleeve from Garage.

Matchy, matchy. Whether it’s cozy yet put-together lounge sets or sleek workout co-ords, Holy
Cross girlies have been rocking matching ensembles all fall.

The classic gold hoop. Whether you’re a gold or a silver girlie(if you think you’re neither, you
have some soul-searching to do) one can agree that there is nothing like a gold hoop. The ladies
of Holy Cross certainly agree, with gold hoops of all patterns and sizes dressing up a sweats
ensemble or pairing perfectly with a dressier outfit.

No list talking about Holy Cross would be complete without a mention of the famous(or
infamous, depending on who you ask) Stanley cup. This “weapon of mass destruction”, as my
friends lovingly call it, can be seen swinging from students’ arms all across campus, in various
sleek colors. The Stanley cup has become a daily accessory and personal cowbell for many, with
the sound of ice swirling around alerting everyone in the Science Library that they have indeed

Keep an eye out for these looks on campus, and any other styles that make you smile! :)

Emily Kelley

Holy Cross '27

Hi everyone! I'm Emily and I'm a freshman at Holy Cross. I'm from Canton, MA and I'm majoring in psychology to hopefully become a sports psychologist or a teacher! I love to read, write, cook, and run in my free time. I'm so excited to be a part of HerCampus start writing! :)