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Top 5 Criminal Minds Episodes to Re-Watch

I spent a lot of time in between semesters re-watching my favorite episodes of Criminal Minds. Accordingly, I have curated a short list of my personal favorite episodes of the series. Criminal Minds is my comfort show, despite it’s potentially disturbing content, and I always find myself returning to re-watch these specific episodes:

“The Boogeyman” (S2 E6; 2006)

This episode is about a killer in a small town and features young Cameron Monaghan and Elle Fanning.

“Minimal Loss” (S4 E3; 2008)

This episode was inspired by, if not loosely based on the Peoples Temple cult, the 1992 Ruby Ridge standoff, and the 1993 Waco siege.

“A Shade of Gray” (S4 E21; 2009)

If you find the JonBenét Ramsey case interesting, you’ll love this one.

“100” (S5 E9; 2009)

If you know, you know ... 

“Entropy” (S11 E11; 2016)

This episode features Aubrey Plaza as Cat Adams and focuses a lot on Dr. Reid (*heart eyes*).

Grace Miller

Holy Cross '23

Grace is a third-year Sociology major, who is also pursuing a minor in Education and a concentration in Peace & Conflict Studies at Holy Cross.
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