"Tim n Joe"

Meet Joe and Tim.  These two senior hockey players not only have great personalities, but they have GPA’s that are just as great.  The smart and funny best buds have been roommates for 4 years straight.  How they did it? Literally who knows!  While they are crazy and potentially might make you fall off of your dinosaur laughing we think they are worth getting to know while they’re still on the hill! (Yes, they are literally still on the hill, Go Figgee!) 



Joseph Kellen McNamara 2016 (22 years old)

Timothy Francis Driscoll 2016 (23 years old) 

(Tim: Hey tell everyone that I was in a firefighter calendar photo-shoot)




Joe: Econ

Tim: Econ major, theatre minor with a concentration in dance




Joe: Newton, MA

Tim: Hingham, MA


Relationship status:


Joe: Single

Tim: Single and ready for a Pringle


Favorite pump up song:


Joe: Big machine by The Goo Goo Dolls it makes me feel some kinda way

Tim: A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton


Favorite Quote:

Joe: Last year Tim put a poster above my bed saying “Life is about doing what makes you happy”, so I guess that is what guides me.

Tim: ”You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” Wayne Gretzky” Michael Scott” 

Timmy Driscoll




All time favorite movie:

Joe & Tim: Step Brothers!


Joe & Tim: Did we just become best friends?? YUP *high five*

Dream job?


Joe:  Hingham High hockey coach in hopes to coach little Timmy Jr. one day

Tim: Dog Breeder, golden retriever/husky mix specifically


Celebrity Girl-Crush?


Joe: Absolutely Arianna Grande, especially when she wears her mouse ears

Tim: How many am I allowed? Lets see, Emma Watson, Jennifer Aniston… can I go on?


Guilty Pleasure:


Joe: Sometimes when we come home late night we push our beds together

Tim: Running hungover 


If you could live in a foreign country where would it be:


Joe: Sweden

Tim: Hawaii

*This is not a foreign country, but hey it’s your interview Tim*




Favorite class taken at Holy Cross:


Joe: Reflection with Father Vodoklys

Tim: Jazz dance with Audra


Stuck on an island forEVER, what 3 things could you survive off of: 


Joe: Bud lights, for nutrition Whelches fruit snacks, and Tim for companionship

Tim: Joe, Bud lights, and a saw


Favorite HC memory:


Joe: Freshman formal

Tim: Meatballs in Kimball, long story short I ate meatballs that day

Something on your HC Bucket list:


Joe: Get a girlfriend

Tim: Go on a date with coach Lindsey Jackson (Field Hockey)




Ideal date:


Joe: Start out with Dairy Queen and if she doesn’t get a blizzard then no second date

Tim: Not much experience here…teach her how to do something…I watched it in a movie one time…maybe bowling or mini golf





Joe: Drama, or using your phone too much, I don’t like that stuff

Tim: People who are too serious




Joe: Funny and athletic

Tim: Short, blue eyes


Biggest pet peeves:


Joe: Angry drunks, when you go out there’s no reason to be mad

Tim: People who think Tom Brady cheated




Late night snack:


Joe: Ideally I’d have chips and guac, but when that’s usually not there, then peanuts

Tim: Meatballs, mac n cheese, pizza, and apples, usually only have the apples though


Go-to meal at Croads:


Joe: Ice cream cake, surprisingly really good

Tim: Say hello to cash register lady, walk to lower Kimball, and get a Smuckers pb&j


Favorite scent:


Joe: Not my favorite, but under appreciated is the stale beer scent after a party, reminds you of the fun

Tim: When you cut the grass, that smell. I normally just walk in circles with my lawn mower, plus the gasoline smell from the mower


Favorite spot on campus:


Joe: Tried like 3 times to get to the top of Hogan but id imagine that’d be pretty cool

Tim: 4 Dutton St


Holy Cross Claim to Fame:


Joe: Hoping that one comes in the spring

Tim: Running the marathon after like an 8-day bender, I also got a 3.93 last semester

Tim & Joe: We had a competition with our two genius roommates last semester and we turned up the educational heat and got good grades


Favorite thing about the hockey team:


Joe & Tim: We’re very close


If you could be any animal what would you be and why?


Tim: Golden retriever, but when you go swimming you turn into a dolphin, but also an eagle, an eagle with a man bun

Joe: Shit that’s tough to follow, I’ll go with a koala bear; they just hang out and chill


Campus Crush:


Joe: Louisa from Figgee, I love youTim: I have a lot, say Mads with a wink face (;


Favorite meal when you are at home


Joe: Potato skin pizza,

Tim: Crow Point Pizzeria, steak and bacon calzone





Favorite thing about each other:


Joe: There’s a lot, appearance wise it’s gotta be the eyes, but he also helps my Sunday ScairesTim: Id have to say eyes as well, he keeps me sober on Sundays

Favorite thing about your room:


Joe: We have a Nintendo now, but I’d have to say our walls, we go for a very “jail cell” like wall

Tim: I don’t think were getting that girlfriend off of this interview

Tim: There’s nothing really in there, but deff the insane asylum walls


Favorite dorm:


Joe & Tim: Healy, definitely, great year, prime

Favorite Room decoration:


Joe: This blanket, which some sick individual took, so were working on getting another one


 Tim: My Minon, he talks, his name is Stewart, he says

“banana” and he farts too**


Tim: I went to Wal-Mart to get room necessities like a rug and stuff and came back with a 50-dollar minion












Favorite thing to do together in your room:


Joe: Waking up on Sundays to Tim trying to convince me not to do homework

Tim: Probably lying on our backs in our own beds on our computers, saying “Did you see this” then “haha” laughing, then the other person does it and it goes back and forth



Any last comments


Tim: I had two girlfriends in 8th grade, two hottest girls in the school


*At this point Joe and Time decide to Interview themselves*




Tim: most famous person you’ve ever met?

Tim: I met Bill Belichick

Joe: That rocker dude, Stephen Tyler


Tim: Have you ever beaten me in Mario?

J: Yes

Tim: no, I am the best 64 player in this school, I’m kinda cocky about it and I challenge anyone

Joe: I came home one time and he was looking up cheat codes, just putting it out there


Thanks for reading everyone! Enjoy these last few steamy pics!