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film photo i took of colorful my clothing rack in my room
film photo i took of colorful my clothing rack in my room
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TikTok Fashion Influencers Who Don’t Gatekeep

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Holy Cross chapter.

I could spend hours poring over fashion TikToks and, soon after, spend another hour unsuccessfully scouring the Internet for the brands to which my wishlist pieces belong. Sometimes, fellow trend followers are kind enough to share in the comments or even a through a linked virtual closet where her latest pieces can be found. However, some fashion influencers of TikTok will “gatekeep” where they shop, leading viewers on a futile search through the comment section, Instagram, and Google for a top that is essentially unidentifiable beyond its color. Fortunately, there are some TikTokers who are “girls’ girls” when it comes to fashion secrets. 

Hannah Harrell (@hannahharell)

Along with good fashion taste, Hannah Harrell possesses a relatable sense of humor when sharing her outfits. While her outfits are often reminiscent of the layering Tik Toks made by fashion students, Harrell’s GRWM videos are nothing short of iconic. She often opts for monochrome looks or all-black layers that are, by my standards, worthy of the runway. She posts links to the most asked about pieces of her outfits on a highlight reel of her Instagram (@hannnahtaylor). Many of her favorite pieces are pricey and can be found at Revolve, but she will occasionally link dupes when the original item sells out—as they do quickly once worn by Harrell!

Natalie Zacek (@nataliezacek)

On the opposite side of the fashion spectrum is Natalie Zacek with her au naturel, beachy aesthetic. Zacek is best known for her friendship with fellow influencers Ana Stowell and Greta Wilson. She often partners with brands such as Blackbough Swim, Grey Bandit, Maddox, and Colorful Natalie. If you are in need of bikini, sweats, and jeans recommendations, Zacek is worth a follow.

Lauren Loveless (@laurenlovelessss)

Lauren Loveless inspired me to buy a second pair of platform Converse as she proves that they can be styled with any outfit. As a current college student, Loveless often will post the outfits that she wears to class and always links her favorite pieces in her TikTok bio. Loveless’ mantra is that you can still be an “It Girl” with a vibrant, colorful wardrobe. If the color pink makes you happy, Loveless’ page is full of inspo.

Kate Bartlett (@katebartlett)

Kate Barlett is a New Yorker who is realistic with her followers about styling on a budget, which is refreshing as many influencers will promote outfits that their followers cannot afford. While Barlett does wear expensive pieces like all other influencers, she also thrifts a lot of her clothes and emphasizes that a capsule wardrobe is key to dressing like “That Girl.” Some staples she suggests are black blazers, high waisted straight leg jeans, a white button-up, oversized crewnecks, a few mini dresses, knee-high black boots, leather pants, neutral tees and tanks and gold hoops.

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