Three Ways to Kill That Interview You Might Be Super Nervous For

1. Buy a kick ass outfit.


They say, when you look good, you feel good, and this comes as no exception to an interview. Whether you are interviewing for an internship at your local news station, or interviewing to land your dream job at fashion magazine or a law firm, you better bring your A-game. Personally, when I consider myself to be looking especially trendy and chic, I feel I am able to conquer anything, even if I am apprehensive. It is a matter of wearing something to a final exam other than what you wore to bed the night before. It is a matter of principle--that if you feel confident in your own skin, you are apt to perform better. It is a proven fact really, that often, looking good aids in putting forth the best version of yourself. Presenting yourself in a such a way that you exude confidence extenerally is a direct reflection of how you feel on the inside. Therefore, if you have an interview approaching, I suggest you take a trip to the mall, Newbury Street, or Fifth Avenue, or wherever it may be, to find that little number. My personal favorite stores to shop at for professional attire are Zara, Banana Republic, Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, and Ann Taylor LOFT. So, if you’re really trying to dress to impress, seize the opportunity!


2. Prepare questions to the very best of your ability.



To raise thoughtful questions throughout your interview will show those interviewing you that you are curious and serious about the position itself. Pose questions you have prepared, about the position’s duties, about the corporation in general, and the present-day happenings and transitions it may be undergoing. If you seem educated and well-prepared, it immediately expresses a higher level of interest than a person who did not educate oneself prior to the interview. Asking questions will also show those interviewing you that you are self-aware. In an interview, in some respect, you yourself are simultaneously interviewing the company or corporation to discern if the position is a good fit. I’ll let you in on a little secret: In every interview I have had in the past, I ask the same question, “What specific traits do you look for in a new hire?” It works like a charm, everytime.


3. Don’t let them know you’re nervous.



Even if you feel as though you want to vomit profusely directly before the interview, feel yourself sweating through your white Stella McCartney button-down (not speaking from experience or anything), or have a panic attack in the Starbucks across the street from the workplace (again, not speaking from experience), do not let them see you sweat. Put forth an aura of confidence and poise and you will be sure to impress the interviewer, and ultimately land that job!