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With the cold weather coming in, it’s important to adjust your skincare routine. Products and effects that you desired in the summer are probably beginning to lose their appeal. With colder temperatures comes dryness. Not only will your body become dry and chapped, but so will most of your face. Thus, it’s time to think about what in your skincare collection can stay, what can go, and what you need to add. So here are my suggestions:

  1. Swap out your SPF for a good moisturizer. While SPF is still going to be important if you’re consistently in the sun, it’s less important in the fall when we spend far less time outside. Also, I say good moisturizer here because it’s no longer about simply achieving a glowy effect. Now, we want to really give back to our skin and help alleviate some dryness and heal our microbiome. 
  2. Don’t forget to prioritize your neck and chest area. When moisturizing, make sure you are giving love to your neck and chest. For your chest, you may want to consider a body lotion. The lotion that you use on the rest of your body is fine for your chest. For your neck, however, I like to bring down my facial moisturizer. The neck is important to pay attention to because it’s one of the first places where we show wrinkles and aging.
  3. Under eye cream. There’s something about the fall and winter time that makes us get less sleep. Maybe it’s because there’s more going on in our lives and we’re always desperately needing a vacation. This shows on our face, especially in our under eyes. So let’s make sure we’re giving our under eye bags some love with an under cream!
  4. Lip balm – its all about moderation! The fall promises us cold and dry air and we feel it possibly the most on our lips. Because of this, we tend to overcompensate with the chapstick and lip balm. When we consistently use these lip products to keep our lips from feeling chapped, our lips begin to rely on them. In a way, it becomes sort of like an addiction. My advice is to only use them when necessary. If it’s really bad, use vaseline to heal the lips. However, make sure not to continue to use it (or other products) as a daily part of your routine.
  5. No harsh exfoliators. This one really applies to all the seasons, but I think it becomes more important in the colder months. When we use harsh explofiators on our face, especially on delicate parts like our under eyes, we tend to do more harm than good. Harsh exfoliators can disrupt and irritate our skin’s natural barriers. In the fall, try and be gentle on your skin. I would even apply this advice with your cleansers, rub gently and not for too long. 
  6. If you want to keep your skin looking bright and dewy, like it was in the summer, consider a Vitamin C product. Vitamin C is said to brighten the appearance of your skin, so a product rich in Vitamin C might be a good idea for fall!
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