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Anna Schultz-Running Into Ocean Arms Outstretched Inspirational
Anna Schultz-Running Into Ocean Arms Outstretched Inspirational
Anna Schultz / Her Campus

The Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic: How to Transition to Fall

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Holy Cross chapter.

Back to school has quickly approached us, leaving the summer sun and vivid tans another
memory to look forward to. This past summer, our capsule closets and Instagram influence
thrived off the idealistic lifestyle of a “coastal grandmother.” Touched upon by fellow chapter
members in past articles, this trend represented a simple but effective fashion.
From the effortless linen threads to the New England beach town vacation, a coastal
grandmother was the perfect summer dream and destination for Gen-Z. However, can we
incorporate these relaxed pieces into our tight schedules as the leaves turn and the school work
picks up?

The simple answer is, yes, we can. This grandmother aesthetic did not thrive because we
collectively craved growing older, but rather the comfort and cohesion the style brought us. For
most, outfits that exude this sense of collectivism and aesthetic can make us feel like that type of
lifestyle is easily attainable; it is a style simple enough to recreate even on a budget.
There is something so nostalgic about a coastal lifestyle with a loved one; igniting memories of
beach trips, sunsets, bike rides, and times with relatives. What slips Gen Z’s mind is the reality
that this lifestyle is not only for the wealthy nor bound to one season.

Although most New Englanders packed their whites away this fall, your closet can mirror this
lifestyle with tailored fabrics and classic sweaters. From a classic fit to relaxed, there is an option
for those who prefer an oversized fit. Prefer a larger sweater? Try putting a button down
underneath to add a granny approved flair. Remember the Gossip Girl ballet flat era that
dominated educational fashion? They’re back- and better.

Recent trends: Ballet Flats, Ultra Mini Boots (Ugg), Clogs (Birkenstock), Chunky
scarves/sweaters, Levi Denim (easy to thrift), Sweatshirts Over Shoulders

Recommendations: Ralph Lauren Flag Sweater, J.Crew Button Downs, Birkenstock Boston
Clogs, EmiJay claw clips, ASOS green seasucker pants, Levi’s 501 ‘90s Jeans

Gioia Guarino

Holy Cross '23

Bostonian, Creative