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Thankful for our fellow Her Campus Chapters: Kyra Dolan from Lasell College

In honor of Thanksgiving approaching, the Her Campus community here at Holy Cross decided to pair up with fellow chapter members from a couple of colleges. This way, we as girls are able to stay thankful for the other members of our club, even if we don’t go to the same school. I thought this was an awesome idea, as collaborating with different chapters allows our connections with one another to grow! I am grateful to be writing about my awesome pairing, Kyra Dolan from Lasell College!

Kyra and I chatted on zoom for a bit to discuss our lives, experience with Her Campus, and random fun facts regarding TikTok relatives! Below, I will do a “Q&A” style of some of the questions we chatted about!

Where is home for you?

Kyra is from Medway, MA! Not too far from my home base of Boston, MA!

How did you join Her Campus at Lasell?

Kyra joined Her Campus because of the girl-group community. She enjoys how she can have built in girls to hang out with alongside being able to creatively write. However, she expressed how creative writing was not a strong suit until joining Her Campus! Now, she enjoys writing about whatever topic she’s feeling passionate about

What are some of your favorite writing topics?

Kyra enjoys writing political profile topics alongside introduction pieces. 

Go-to hobbies on campus?

Tomorrow’s Teacher is an educational club Kyra loves to participate in, as she is a preschool teacher! Also, Kyra enjoys baking different recipes and plans to share them in her upcoming articles:)

Gioia Guarino

Holy Cross '23

Bostonian/ Creative writer/ Foodie/ Shopaholic
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